PRESENT Jan Cottam, Andrew Chadwick, Lisa Hughes, Livy Agnew, Tina Ure, Josie Brettell, Nell Mowbray, Kim Knightley, Laura de Wesselow
APOLOGIES Karen Bartlett, Diana Bown, Stuart Buntine, Sarah Taylor, Heidi Davis, Jo Verey, Simon Bates, Rachel Faulkner, Hannah Matthews, Pete  Collins, Helen West
MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING NM questioned what was meant by revealing sponsorships will be part of a new affiliation group (KB). JC will ask KB
The point was that under the proposed new agreement events would need to provide details of all their sponsors to BE and they may look to engage them centrally, which could potentially have impact on relationships.
MATTERS ARISING Ground Care – HW to update. Has not moved forward. AC said that Somerford are still happy to host.  It was felt that perhaps this is a project for next year.

Event Evaluations – JC confirmed that at the BE Officials Meeting, a prompt return of EE’s was requested – 5/6 week turnaround

Social Media Workshop – Well received and well attended

Health and Safety – Guidance notes were sent on 17/2/17 from BE’s Siobhan Taylor.  JC to flag up to Organisers with the Bullet points from this meeting.

There was a useful power point presentation on the memory sticks provided to Organisers who attended Regional Meetings. Organisers should ask Regional Coordinator for sticks if they have not had one.

H&S Inspections of events are commencing.

Regional Meetings – The Eastern Region meeting has been cancelled on numerous occasions and rescheduled for the end of April

Arena Eventing – Improving & better organised. AC suggested that BE may have missed the boat on this one as many venues now run very successful UA Arena Eventing.

UA venues using the BE logo should be reported to BE.

Legal Issues – Disabled Access – Many events ask for those with mobility issues to report to secretaries to enable arrangements to be made to assist them.

AC stated that you can discriminate as long as there is a reason i.e. health and safety (Disability Act 2010).  It was felt that communication is key and events should be seen to do what they can to facilitate people. AC to forward on the presentation regarding “visitors with disability” and “mobility restrictions”.

Day Light Restriction – Wendy McGowan is continuing to look at the whole issue, including peripheral events

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT Fixtures meeting – JC was invited to a presentation of a new method of disseminating data from events. This planning tool (Strategic Fixtures Plan) will give a good overview of classes, help with decisions on new events and classes

DH asked JC to email Organisers to remind them to take note of the new drugs requirements. JC received a lot of response from (generally not good) and felt this sort of communication was actually BE’s job not the BEOA’s.

It was noted that the timing of these rule changes were poor and would have been much more acceptable if they had happened at the end of last season.

SJ Collecting ring procedures are still causing angst. It was felt that there are many factors which affect how they are run.  Events use different procedures, sometimes on different days.

TREASURER’S REPORT In the absence of KB, JC reported that the Social Media Workshops had cost £2400, so the balance had dropped to £1721.50.

BEOA has just £2200 from BE for 2017.  The current balance is £3921.50.

SPORTS COMMITTEE Week numbers not dates – BE considered this to be too complicated butWendy McGowan is looking into event support

Ballot – Debbie Marfell is looking at guidelines re allowing a 4th horse at ballot

8am Start – BE guidelines recommend that events should not start before 8am. LA said many northern events have to start before this due to light restrictions

Controllers – Controllers recommend that events have 2 Controllers at all times.  This is not a rule. Controllers must be given breaks. The level of cover in the control box will be added to EE

BEOA IT Working Group Following prompting by SB, a conference call was held on 08/03/17. KB kindly joined the meeting as SB and NM could not attend.

The IT Project forecasted timetable has been amended. The Build will be done over 201.  It will be Piloted in 2018.  Events use will be Voluntary in 2019 with everyone using the system by 2020

Testing on timetables and scoring will begin in -June 17.

JB is concerned that the Entries part of the program cannot be tested until the Website goes live (Oct/Nov 17) and resulting in events using this system in 2018 may be vulnerable.

Concerns were raised re the cost to Organisers. BE have stated these will not be higher than is currently being paid. Out of hours provisions will have an impact.

LA expressed concern the project will run over budget

JC has heard from the current developers (Paul Harris, Bruse Beacham & Lesley Hagerty) who are all happy to continue to support organisers.

JC noted that BE are being more open in responses to issues that are being raised.

The live scoring system from Miranda Collet and Harry Parkes is being developed to work with the new BE system.  MC has been asked to pass on information to JC about this.

JC expressed concern that the Scorers Working Group has no individuals on it that are purely Entries Secretaries.

There is a need to keep pushing BE to give Organisers information

The next BEOA IT Working Group will be prior to the BEOA meeting at Badminton.
JC to invite DH to give a presentation after the AGM at Badminton

BEOA to consider suggesting a further update at the Burghley BEOA Open meeting.

VIABILITY  & SPORTS DEVELOPMENT  WORKING PARTY AC confirmed that BE are aiming for a minimum of 3 meetings this year. The next meeting will be on 06/07/17


Double Clear Rosettes – The BEOA committee felt there is generally a lack of interest for these above BE80 & BE90.

Arena Eventing – BE are hoping to add more venues. AC pointed out that the geographic needed to be better

BE105 Pilot – Only 8 to run in 2017. BE are trying to promote but there is only limited take up so far

Owners Names on Scoreboards – The BEOA committee felt this was not practical

Dresscode – The BEOA committee suggested that guidelines should be produced so these were less strict in hot or wet weather

Horse Numbers – The suggestion that horses use their lifetime registration number for competition is impracticable & will not happen.

The BEOA committee was not in favour of all horses wearing Bridle numbers at all times on Event.

Numbers – The current cost to BE for producing these is around £27 per set. Wendy McGowan has suggested Organisers could produce their own numbers.  This would be reflected in affiliation fee. Would this be a cost saving measure? LA suggested that BE could procure them more cheaply.Would this loss of ‘standard’ numbers result in a wide variation that might meant the current BE ‘professional’ look would be lost.


Prize Money – There is currently an inequality as a winner receives the same amount regardless of the section size. Bruno Brenickmejer presented a paper but did not come up with a solution

Common Critical Dates – Balloting v’s First Come First served. The BEOA committee reiterated the view that most events are first come first served.  Those that Ballot are in favour of keeping balloting. AC noted that events that ballot can and do redirect competitors to Events that are still open. JB noted that current competitor confusion with balloting could be improved with better education (issuing a standard email of explanation when a competitor is balloted or waitlisted). TU commented that competitors often use the wrong terminology leading to more misunderstanding.

Do we still need a withdrawal date? Could it be replaced by a declaration date? JB to ask the BEOA Entries Secretary group for their feelings.

Should we stop accepting entries from the waitlist 48 hours prior to competition? The BEOA committee felt they would rather keep them open.  Closing did not promote good customer relations. NM noted that this period is particularly important when other events have cancelled.

Event Support – BE loans have gone up to £7k. Grant figures from BE. LA is still waiting to hear about hers, since an application in October.

Peripheral Events – Miranda Collett is collecting data, looking at horse location not just rider location.

Programs – Bruno Brenickmejer presented a paper. The BEOA committee did not like some of the suggestions.

Cross Country Course maps should be available but not mandatory within the program.

A Site map should be available and LDW Site maps help to protect Organisers and show access arrangements.

Horse breeding information should be optional.

The list of competitors should be available but not free of charge.

Section ending time always change so publicising these have no value.

The list of Officials/Volunteers is valued by Members, Organisers, Officials and Volunteers and easy to do.

AC suggested that a BE corporate board could be produced by BE with some of the essential, standard information on it.

The BEOA committee concluded that each Event has different demands but should all include basic requirements. Event programmes are moving forward and developing new technologies.  These will completely change the presentation of programs. The BEOA committee would like the requirements for programs to remain as current for the time being as they cover the essentials.  BE would be asked to change the wording of Rule 11.1  ‘…..publish a programme for the Event, which may be by electronic means, which includes……’.

JC/AC to report back to BE re Programme conclusions

JC thanked AC, JB, HW & KB for their time spent on the work covered by these groups

Where is Our Sport Going?The Budget announcement was timely! There was some suggestion that there may be some help on Rates.  The group will continue to investigate.

Changes in the minimum wage and the 1% rise in NI for Self Employed will have have a direct impact (eg for Dressage judges etc) but mainly on the larger events Organisers.

Contractors have on the whole kept prices down but it was felt that increases were coming.

It was felt that events were not able to break even if they ran less then 250.

The implications of Equestrianism being dropped from the Olympics & if this would impact on funding, were considered. TU noted that there has already been a drop in youth funding.

Farming Policy – It was felt the group needed to wait until post Brexit to measure the results of this.

The group is going to approach MP’s (Owen Pattison & ? Richard Benyon)

Members of the group had all undertaken to work on various tasks prior to their next meeting which would be at Houghton

JC expressed gratitude from the BEOA for the commitment put in by the members of this group.

ENTRIES SECRETARY GROUP The group have discussed the International Drugs Fee charged to competitors.  It was felt that in future the EARS system will deal with this.

Waitlists – JB was collating responses to give BE an idea of how to produce guidelines for the EARS system. There appeared not to be a consistent approach mainly because the different systems being used did different things.

Equality on ballot –In the event of equality the BEOA committee felt that Organisers should & do decide as there are many factors to consider

Removal of Withdrawal date – This was discussed resulting in a mixed response from ES’s but the BEOA committee liked having the date.  This will continue to be discussed.

Should there be a cut off point for entries prior to the event? – The is not what ES or the BEOA committee want. Scorers are in favour but the BEOA committee felt this does not promote good relationships with the competitors.

Better communication with competitors could help reduce the confusion surrounding entries issues. – Automatic standard emails issued at the time of withdrawal, balloting, waitlisting etc.

BE 80 (T) – JC stated that a number of unhappy Organisers had raised concerns about the provision of coaches for these classes.

There is a divergence of views about how well coaches were utilised. TU had noticed a drop off, despite good communication.

The funding for BE80(T) coaches has been cut back to 1 funded coach.

It was reported to the Sports Committee (26.7.16) that the Fixtures Team & the BESDWG had recommended this change.  AC felt this decision had not been made at the first BEDWG meeting as has been suggested.  AC also reported there was a rumour that this decision was as a result of research done by BEOA!

Following a BE survey it was concluded that previous day course walks and warm up of both jumping phases were the most beneficial areas for trainers.

BE must change the website information as it is currently misleading.

The BEOA committee felt there was a problem in the timing of letting Organiser’s know of these changes.  Many have already booked 2 coaches & it was too late to obtain additional sponsorship.

JC noted that it should not be the responsibility of the BEOA to communicate these changes.

TU reminded Organisers that coaches could be Level 2 coaches which would fit better with development.  Some RC’s had asked that only Level 3 coaches should be used.

JC would talk to BE about these concerns

The link on the BE website to the BEOA website had still not been corrected.  JC would continue to ask for this to happen

BHS – ‘Access all Areas’ promotional days were being held to broaden equestrianism & volunteer databases

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