ZOOM  2.00 P.M.

PRESENT Jan Cottam – Chair   Simon Bates, Andrew Chadwick, Pete Collins, Nicky Helyer, Jo Very, Jenny Meiklejohn, Nell Stourton, Tina Ure, Rachel Cory, Rachel Faulkner, Laura de Wesselow, Rachel Faulkner, Hannah Matthews,  Heidi Davies, Josie Brettell, Sarah Taylor, Karen Bartlett, Helen West.
1. APOLOGIES David Sawyer – Note Kim Knightly no longer at Bishop Burton so has left committee
2. PREVIOUS MINUTES  Minutes approved for 10th March  2020
3. MATTERS ARISING  NS – referred to dressage  OI tests and also out of date Organisers memory sticks which are only current to 2016.
Most other matters were covered later in the meeting
4. Chairman’s Report Chair advised that matters raised in the Chairman’s Report were going to arise later in the meeting

There was a short discussion about the general feeling of discontent in BE and that JC was still getting numerous calls voicing this from Organisers, Members and Owners.

The perceived lack of knowledge of the sport within the Board and BE Executive was discussed in light of the current crisis facing the sport.

Finances – BE the committee were advised that the 2018-2019 accounts would be available May/ June .



5. Treasurer’s

Accounts – KB  advised that BEOA had been paid for 163 events.

Entry Fees for 2021 -  The overall feeling was that Entry Fees should not  be increased for 2021, however  this would only stand if BE retained the 2020 rule book .  Should anything change ,for example the new medical rules which were to be  brought in for 2021 – this would require further discussion.  When the Sport Committee is able to meet, entry fees would be discussed.

PC – felt it was better to wait before making and decision on entry fees.

Prize Money  –  was not discussed at this time as the scheduled RM & Sport Committee had been cancelled.

1)     EARS & Website  - Meeting held with the BE Board plus representatives from Entry  Administrator, Entries Secretaries , Officials, Scorers and Organisers.  A few things were decided – but since then nothing has happened apart from two conference calls.

The Entries system is still being developed & Miranda Collett (Entries Scores) is working with BE, concentrating on linking her system with EARS.
The EARS Working Group has Organiser representation.  They will be listing their requirements from each perspective, to help formalise the working group.
NS advised that Harry Park – Park Communications, says he has a system with MC   which is ready to run.  EARS caused most unrest at the board meeting. It was agreed that what is required from EARS is quick, accurate, results plus easy access to paperwork – pre event and on event.  Need to see financials pertinent to the event.  The reports from EARS need to be more manageable and have specific filtered information.  The ability to live score through EARS., is also required
Further training on EARS will be needed.

2) Abandonment  Insurance –    JC advised there was concern on social media that BE knew events were not covered when cancelled.  BE said cover was in place and then announced no cover for events that had gone past ballot date.
L de W  asked in relation to abandonment insurance – is BE looking at new insurance or are they tied in for a further year.  JC responded that they are tied in until the end of the 2021. Season.
HW  gave an insight into Ireland’s policy, where there is no abandonment insurance .  If the event is abandoned before running, all money is refunded to riders.  If the event has started the money goes to the Organiser.  If the  event cancels on the Wednesday prior to the event £10.00 admin is retained by the Organiser and the  remainder goes back to the riders.   One consideration is – Ireland has more resilient ground and the levi to Eventing Ireland is 1/3 of the entry.  Questions were raised as to start fees in Ireland.
HW  wondered if we could have outside advice on the Abandonment insurance policy as she could arrange for it to be looked at by an independent insurance expert.
Further  committee discussion raised the point that the current BE policy is  too expensive and not covering what we need. TU suggested possibility rider paid to secure space and then paid a final balance – and no start fee.
PC – advised being cautious.
The point was raised to the meeting can Organisers run without insurance?  Would Organisers be prepared to run without insurance – self insuring would be a consideration – return of entry fees.  It was proposed we go back to BE and say there were concerns over cost to riders – urge BE to look at possibility of getting out of current policy.  Think Tank could come with alternatives to insurance.

3. Resumption of Eventing
The flow chart produced by Adrian Ditcham had been circulated and it was a general consensus that Adrian had done a very good job.  It would be helpful to give Adrian feedback.  Comment was made about medical providers having the ability to dictate charges when most of their bookings had vanished.  AC commented about running independent events.
AC to revert about tradestands – understand the reasons for not having them.
PC spoke about issuing a survey – as currently we have no idea how many members there are- how many horses- how many riders and this should be based on possible start up month scenarios.
JC was to revert to Adrian that we would like the survey circulated by BE to all members asking about their appetite for competition.

7 Stabling Charges


JC asked for opinions as to events retaining stabling charges in the event of abandonment- but most events felt if they had already had to pay out for stables to be put up, this was unavoidable.  It was noted that Cheval portable stable hire were putting their costs up by 20% for 2021.  Some venues own their own stables so not a problem.
Stables bookings – there should be the option to do them in house or through EARS.
8 Date of Next Meeting Date of next meeting was proposed as 10th June
AGM  and Elections propose to put off and see what develops with BE HQ


David Sayer would like the three stakeholders  BEOA, EHOA and ERA to have co-opted representation on the board of BE – As this has been asked for in the past, it was decided that election onto the board was the best route.  JC to find out when next vacancy arises.

Fiona O’Hara - latest update.  An advisory panel has been set up – best brains in eventing – known participant   Capt Mark Phillip, Mike Etherington Smith, Stuart Buntine, Helen West  has also been asked to sit on the panel.

  There being no other business meeting closed at 4.35 p.m.

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