7th February 2019
Farmers Fayre,  NAC, Stoneleigh

Livy Agnew, Jan Cottam, Josie Brettell, Pete Collins, Heidi Davies, Kim Knightly, Hannah Matthews, Sarah Taylor, Nell Stourton, Shelly Bacon, Jo Verey, Rachel Faulkner, David Sayer
In attendance – Robert Sayer

Andrew Chadwick, Tina Ure, Karen Bartlett, Simon Bates, Rachael Corry, Laura de Wesselow, Sharon Tovey, Helen West

Rachel Corry attended twice!
Minutes approved

Unaffiliated v Affiliated Competitions – A date in early March has been set for a meeting between LA, RF Mark Corbett & Bruce Haskill.
Other Matters Arising

  •          Member of BEOA Committee should be invited to the Professional Event Organiser & International Organiser meetings.  The Professional meetings are unlikely to be repeated.  It was agreed with David Holmes that JC would ask HW to represent BEOA at the International meetings.
  •          Ambulances   From next season, a Doctor & Ambulance plus Vet & Ambulance will remain on site for 30 mins from the time the last horse has completed their cross country.  An ambulance can be any suitable equipped vehicle capable of taking a casualty to hospital. Committee raised that this is still an issue as vehicles must be licensed to do this. JC to take this to the Sport Committee.
    HD to send JC her correspondence with Jonathon Clissold.
  •          Photos  RC has agreed to look after BEOA social media. JC asked for Event photos/videos to be sent to either JC or RC
  •          Entries – can no longer be hidden.  PC still unhappy. Some committee members feel it has merits and that Organisers should have a choice. JC to ask Sports Committee to justify.
  •          BE Vouchers for Prizes – Wendy McGowan has offered a 10% discount.  This was felt not to be enough.  It was agreed discount should be at least 40% especially as part of “Charity”.  JC to go back to WMcG about this  What would the committee like us to consider? Any discounts for training vouchers will affect directly the profitability of the T & E courses and as they are priced as competitively as possible for the benefit of the members, there is not a huge margin in them.
    The 10% reduction does mean that the vouchers are being offered very close to cost.

    Training courses will often only make between 10 and 15% so the maximum we could offer is 15%.

4. Chairman’s Report 

Will Goodhew coming to join the meeting at lunch time to discuss his app. Athalens.com. A one stop shop for photos. Seems a great idea but may take a while to get going.

Photography Policy – RC has supplied Wellington & BD’s media rights policy. BD’s is very prescriptive. Wellingtons photography policy covers riders and public. Should all events be doing this? JC to ask BE the level of permission that is given at registration of membership and what about public?

Strategic Fixtures Plan – JC part of the panel that met on 22nd January to decide on the tenders for International events. She felt it was well organised & a great deal of thought had gone into the process. The session was demanding and intense, requiring total concentration. DS was concerned about the scoring, in particular, the rationale behind the commercial side of the scoring.

JC has received a number of communications from Organisers unhappy with their outcome. All appeals must be lodged by Monday, with the appeal panel sitting on 28th Feb. LA asked JC if she felt the process was fair. JC said we cannot talk about the individual events until after the process has finished. JC reminded committee that this reorganisation had to happen due to the imbalance in the calendar. There will always be disappointment for some but the outcome would be a massive improvement.

JC had commented to the Fixtures Team on aspects of the process that could be reconsidered for the next time. On the whole, the method was well thought through. There is definitely a willingness on all sides to get this absolutely right. JC reminded us that the next phase will be the fixtures on the national calendar.

LA asked how are they going to keep a handle on events adding classes so that it doesn’t distort again. JC stated this would not be allowed it but will make sure the Fixture’s Team is aware that we are concerned.

JC has been asked by an organiser to encourage anyone who has not been awarded what they had hoped for and will be going to appeal, to get in touch with him in order to set up a legal challenge. The Committee felt it would not be appropriate for the association to do this.

Fixtures Meeting – TU, NM, AC & JC joined Regional Co-ordinators David Holmes, Debbie Pritchard and Wendy McGowen.
Paul Graham to cover DP’s role, working 3 days a week. Chris Farr to work two days a week on fixtures.

JC to ask about the criteria for Qualifiers. ST has asked but not had a full answer.

Nobody has had affiliation agreement. JC has been informed that these will be circulated in the first half of February

There is concern not to overload organisers with too many emails & information. JC to collaborate with DP

All events need an Event Welfare Officer. BE officials can act as one as they have all received training but it would be preferred for a person on the organising team to take on this role. This person must have attended a safeguarding course. Training can be given by BE. Enquiries to BE. NS asked WMcG to send out a role description, as most people seemed clueless. ST said that the name of the EWO should be in the program. JC to talk to WMcG about clarity to organisers on this & remind Organisers.

Changing Officials – BEOA reported that the committee felt it would be good practice to change one official every 5 event for the duration of one event. The RC’s feel there should be a complete change every three years. BEOA accept occasional change is good but where team is part of an established team, there is no reason for permanent change. There was a view that, due to idiosyncrasies of individual events, the scorer should not be changed at all. They should however be given a choice. JC to pass this on.
There is a financial implication when deploying Officials from miles away, accommodation has to be provided. JC to ask for organisers to be able to claim a refund for this.

Equine Flu – DH spoke to JC this morning. BEF are putting out a statement today and DH has forwarded. The situation will be closely monitored and a statement circulated.
KK asked where do we stand with insurance if we do not have AA’s in place. Money is already being spent. JC to ask BE 

Development Grants – Current – Maximum £1000 per application, limited to £3000 every 3 years. There is a maximum of £10000 in the ‘pot’ for this year. WMG has stated that the budget allocated to the Development Fund is at the annual discretion of the Board.
JC can confirm that the Event Support Budget is separate and that the budget for this in 2019 has been maintained at the level of 2018.

The grant pot available in 2016 budget was £30.000 with a spend of £54,871. In 2017 – budget £30,000 spent £36,500. In 2018 – budget £20,000, forecast spend @£32K. Where incomes allow, monies have been made available, above budget, for grants.

The point was made that this lack of available support might be difficult for some events re their 2020 commitments.

Ground Care – BE spend £10-40k on machinery each year. JC made the point that BE should promote that they do this as a service for members. Organisers pay £220 for each hire and are responsible for picking up and dropping off. Concern expressed about machines being ‘fit for purpose’. RS – said even after picking up following repairs, there were still significant problems. JC asked for Organisers to photograph problems, including issues with trailers & forward these to the RC’s. It would be helpful if BEOA knew about these too in order to gauge the level of difficulties.
BE do not identify individual machines, so there is no history for each machine.
JC stated these are hired out to unaffiliated events but the charge is only a small amount more than to BE events.
The committee feel that the system of managing the machines should be improved. JC pointed out that many of the problems are caused by the operator. There is inadequate instruction/training. James Plant is going to do a You Tube video. RS said there should be a handbook sent out with each machine. It was agreed that the machines are great value for money. ST asked if there was an accident, who is liable?

Doctors Register – BE have a list of doctors but they have not got permission to pass details on. They are very happy to contact on our behalf. JC is assured that BE’s Una Blower is very diligent on this. However, she will not get back to you with a negative. This is frustrating. ST has had no response from BE following a request for help.

Numbers – BE have gone back to the printers who have invested in new machinery, resulting in a significant reduction on the cost of printing. There is to be no overprinting charge this year. There was significant talk around sustainability. BE would like two organisers to join a Sustainability Group to discuss ways forward for this, concentrating particularly on reusable numbers. ST and KK offered

Office Staff – Will endeavour to get out to events more frequently. Very happy to help out with hat tags etc, especially at start of season.

Conference Call with BE 06.02.19 – Cathy Butler, David Holmes, Fiona O’Hara, Jude Matthews & JC. It was agreed that stakeholder representatives from EHOA, BEOA & ERA would be invited to a slot in some Board Meetings to discuss any issues that are arising. Seen as a way of developing a relationship with the board. Each stakeholder to be allocated a Board Member to act as their ‘Relationship Director’. Next board meeting 9th April. Agreed that AC should be asked to attend.

There is a new media officials process for distributing BE Official Car Passes to journalists & photographers, to ensure that the BE database is up to date. This will allow them free admission to BE Fixtures up to 2*. BE say that Organisers must be contacted by people carrying these passes, prior to their visits. JC commented that BE should have run this past BEOA first, as Organisers want to know who is on event, in order to regulate, particularly in the case of photographers. JC to take on!
Next one end of March. Agreed

XC App – Historically, this has always been free to Organisers. For 2019, there will be a charge. It was felt the product is good value, especially if you are doing lots of events. The cost has now been reduced for single use events.

5. Treasurer’s  Report

Entry Fees
Following a productive meeting with BB, where Bruno had tried very hard to produce a solution that worked well for organisers and the sport, JC received an email from him – I found the methodology of going through the concepts to gauge the feeling of BEOA before a decision is made by the Sport Committee to be very useful and possibly a model to follow in the future.

It was agreed to use the CPI index alone as, although not a perfect fit, it did allow for simplicity and ease of understanding, taking into consideration other expenses.

This is to be discussed at the next SC meeting. JC will move to have EF decided much earlier. Currently BEOA give their proposal in June but the final figure is not decided until October. Many events need to finalise budgets/schedules before this! JC to ask for a decision by 1st September.

6. Prize Money
At the same meeting as above, Bruno presented a paper describing a Prize Money proposal, as discussed at the last committee meeting.  There is more work to be done on this but it was very interesting.

A further communication from BB stated – The only thing I would say concerning the notes is the suggestion to test the Prize Money calculations so that 1st place (<=42 Starters) and last place (>42 Starters) is Entry Fee & Start Fee Including VAT but not Abandonment Insurance.  That this may result in prize money being paid to fewer Starters was deemed to be an acceptable consequence of the proposal.  The current and new proposal to be discussed at the next Sport Committee meeting.

JC made the point that we would need to find a formula for prizes in kind.
ST stated that some of BB’s figures used an event where the sponsor had given  more money than prescribed which skewed the results. 

7. Health & Safety
Signing off Field of Play Areas  This is the responsibility of BE Officials but they do not sign anything. Does this expose the event? WMcG is working on a check list for officials. ST noted that this area is very changeable so anything signed off at 0800 could be entirely different at 1200.
Control completes a log for XC but not warm the up.

Sign for Medical Team   This must be done as they arrive. There is a form in the doctors pack and on organisers’ or officials’ memory stick.
There was some doubt that the memory sticks were up to date. JC to chase.

Rule Changes  DS asked for these to be flagged up more prominently rather than just updates on the website. JC to talk to BE about a more timely update as RC’s meetings are too close to events.

Medical Cover  Cost of medical cover has risen significantly this year. JC noted it is important that organisers remember any increases so that when we can us these to discuss increases in EF

8. Working Groups
ITTP – Last call in November. DH reported to JC that when the website went live some bugs had appeared, requiring it to be shut down. All staff have been working very hard & are really disappointed about the troubles experienced.   A live website should be available soon but may go into weeks. BE do not want to put it up again if there is any risk of it failing.

ST noted that all information has ground to halt. JC asked DH for more frequent updates. Entries Secretaries and Organisers with events at beginning of season, are becoming quite nervous & need information to give competitors asking questions. DH agreed to email all ES’s and Organisers with events in March, explaining the situation. Once the Website is up, the ITTP group will ask for a conference call & more information to ES’s. JB to ask

Entries Secretary Group – ST Ballot date rule doesn’t work for midweek events. BE have recognised this.

Commercial & Marketing – DS asked what is the benefit to us considering the spend? JC will continue to ask for some justification. The original strategy has changed, so clearly there is some recognition of concerns

Sustainability Group – ST & KK to take on

Fact Sheet Group – Reconvening at some point!

Committee – A discussion was undertaken regarding the size of the committee.  JC is a great believer in passion and the variety of people and events that are represented on committee is immensely valuable. If lots of numbers intend to attend a meeting, each area could decide to reduce the numbers coming.

JC – next year will be last year. AC has offered to take over & was considered a very good choice by the committee.

9. AOB
EHOA – Keen to work together. During Networking day much discussion about improving the Owner’s experience at an event. One suggestion was to offer a cup of tea and some cake, in the lunch marquee during the afternoon.

If an event is doing something special for Owners, Alex Van Tuyll (EHOA Secretary – alex.vantuyll@gmail.com) is always happy to notify Owners. Just send the text to her & she will circulate EHOA members. Very keen to help promote as much as possible.

Affiliation Agreement – This is due out during the first half of February. It was felt this was too late. BE are saying they have not made too many changes to the agreement this year. The changes worthy of note relate to media rights (clause 6), unaffiliated events (clause 8.12) and data protection & processing (clause 18).

Anti Doping Fee – This question raised by BB, who was concerned that fluctuations in exchange rates would make the collection of this fee, result in losses to organisers. Feedback from some Organisers & ES’s indicated a feeling that it would be it would be easier to collect on event rather than at the time of entry. It was felt that this would cause an enormous amount of work to make sure everyone has paid the correct amount. This would be resolved by collection on entry. JC to ask if everyone could choose their own method.

BB to pilot collecting on declaration at his event.

Currently the wording used in the Omnibus Schedule is “Competitors in FEI Classes Only – Please note in addition to your Entry Fee at the time of Entry you will be charged an extra Fee of £16.00.  This is charged by the FEI for the Worldwide Equine & Human Anti-Doping Programme.  This fee will be refunded in full if your Entry is withdrawn”.

JC to suggest this is changed to the fee in swiss francs (x), with the addition of ‘you will be charged an extra Fee of (x Swiss Francs) exchanged into the equivalent sterling, according to the rate of exchange at the time Entries open.

Schedules – Janet Plant, amongst others, have expressed frustrations about schedules, particularly alterations to proofs. Too little notice before deadlines. JC has been told the new system will be much easier. JC to express continued frustration with Schedules.

PRE BST – DS asked for the BEOA to look into the money lost by events who run Pre BST. Should there be a better division of event support.

13. Dates of Next Meetings

Committee Meetings
9th April 2019 London
18th June 2019 Edgecote
8th October London
26th November Edgecote

Open Meetings
6th June  Bramham



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