6th March 2018

The Coach House


PRESENT Jan Cottam, Tina Ure, Josie Brettell, Nell Stourton, Andrew Chadwick, Hannah Matthews, Sarah Taylor, Sharon Norrish


Livy Agnew has decided to step down next year when she will stop running BE events.  Livy has been very committed and there is now concern about the Scottish representation.  JC to speak to LA about staying on board.


1. APOLOGIES Livvy Agnew, Karen Bartlett, Simon Bates, Diana Bown, Pete Collins, Rachael Faulkner, Heidi Davies, Lisa Hughes, Kim Knightley, David Sayer, Jo Verey, Laura de Wesselow, Helen West
3. MATTERS ARISING Ground Machinery – It is important that Organisers report malfunctions or problems with equipment to the RC, Registered Holder & Debbie Pritchard

Starter Trailers – To be sold at the end of year

HQ Staff to attend events as part of their CPD  –  Debbie Pritchard not happy to do this.  JC to revisit.


BE Vouchers for Prizes –  Wendy McGowan has offered a 10% discount.  This was felt not to be enough.  It was agreed discount should be at least 40% especially as part of “Charity”.  JC to go back to WMcG about this


Health & Safety -  Chris Farr had sent out guidelines for H&S but the majority of those present had not received these.  JC to resend this.  AC had prepared a job description for the H&S Officer.  He will distribute this to everyone.   The H&S Officer needs to be dedicated and independent of the organising committee.  HM said the H&S Officer should also have a good understanding of the sport.   JC to post job description on website as a guideline.

4. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT Secretary:  Lisa Hughes has decided to resign as BEOA Secretary but wishes to remain on the committee.  SN to replace her


GPDR:  JC had spent a lot of time researching GDPR and speaking to a friend who is a director of the GDPR Institute.    His details were passed to WMcG for her to contact but this had not happened to date.


Annex 3 of the Affiliation Agreement was not legal at present.

JC had been working on a template and guidelines following her research.  SN suggested JC speak to Steve Smith who is very knowledgeable in this field.  JC to carry on completing template.


Sponsors Guide:  A request to change the name from Grassroots to National had been requested but there was still no satisfactory progress on this.
Following the meeting, BE have agreed to drop the word ‘local’ from the title of the Guide


Concern was raised by everyone concerning the vast amount of money BE were spending on marketing, surveys and projects that were not applicable to the “average” event.  JC to write to Board on this matter.


Fixtures Meeting:  JC, AC, LA, TU & NM met with RC’s, CF, DP, DH & WMcG.  A Strategic Road Map to 2021 was shown to the group.  BEOA are adamant that the Fixtures team should manage the Championships.  The period of tenancy of Championships & special events such as Regional Finals needs to be agreed. It was suggested that 6 years would be an ideal period.


BE80 Qualifier was discussed.  JC to write to Clare for clarity on her email of 20th February.  Helen White had raised the question “was it possible to run two 80 classes one 80 and one 80 (T).  Thoughts from the committee were that it should be one or the other.


Trail Bikes: JC had been advised that the Trail Bike Riders Association have told their riders not to support equestrian events due to the lack of Public Liability Insurance.  Only 19 events were to be covered with permission from the Regional Representative of the TBRC.  No further action required.

PC Discipline Issue –It was generally felt that these issues were not being dealt with quickly enough.
JC to discuss with the Sport Committee the concern from organisers about lack of communication regarding discipline issues on event, the time taken to resolve plus the outcomes not being communicated.

Communication:  Concern had been raised by BE that BEOA had not been reaching all Organisers.  JC had contacted those in question and they had heard from us. A closed Facebook Group for Organisers was agreed – JB and HM to manage this. JC asked if everyone could supply some photos from their event for the page.

It was agreed the concern was unfounded

 Bank Balance:  2,612.94.  Invoices to BE awaiting payment due next month £2162.50 making a balance of £4775.44


Ground Care Days – JC advised that due to the level of the bank account some money had to be spent and a Ground Care Day was an option for consideration.  Approximate cost would be £900 for a Ground Care expert and kit, plus venue costs, along with possibly lunch.  Geographically location was very important.  This was discussed and it was suggested that the day be split half ground care and half sponsorship.


ST to organise a group of organisers to meet & discuss sponsorship – costs, ideas, levels etc.

Organisers to be asked about what they would like as a training day




Replacement of Chris Farr:  BE would not be replacing role – a Fixtures Executive would be recruited on the basis of 50 days per year.  RC’s & DH would represent other areas as necessary


CRM System:  Now able to produce accurate statistics.  At end of 2017 total BE membership 16,300 and 13.547 at the end of January this year. Number of horses 2,587 at end of 2017.  Owners stood at 2,587 up 6.7% on previous year


Insurance:  This has been eroding over the years with members now loosing PA insurance causing a lot of unrest.


Elimination of Competitors:  The committee discussed the rule change, falls, examination of competitors and holding of course.  The rule change had been based on safety and reducing falls was priority.  JC advised that in Ireland they use the Equiratings Traffic Light system and had reduced falls by two thirds.


Equine Vision Project:  This had been undertaken by Exeter University who have developed a camera capable of showing what horses see.  Orange, used on rails of fences, was not of great contrast.  The team at Exeter will be working with BE to help with course design and build.


Footing Project;  Undertaken by Myerscough College, was ongoing but would set standard for surface used for 5* jumping competitions. BE would be involved in the future looking at footing for XC and possibly dressage arenas


Controllers:  BE are introducing Controller logs for 2018 to be passed to the TA at the end of the event.  Suggested 2 controllers for each event to include a trainee.


National v International Paper:  Someevents are not running to required level.  Need to be able to follow a national route to gain International qualifications.  First issue that needs to be addressed is course distance and jumping efforts:


Anti Doping:  International event riders have to pay for anti-doping which is collected by Organisers.  Due to fluctuation in currency BE had to pay £10K to make up difference.  No obvious solution to problem.  Bruno looking at where anti-doping fees are held.  If it is Germany these could be payable in Euros.

7. Working Groups


ITTP:  Update will be given at next Sport Meeting.  Paul Harris will finish at the end of 2019 so the new system must be up and running smoothly before the end of that year.


Commercial and Marketing: 

Championship Tenancy: discussed and it was agreed 6 years would be the ideal time scale.

Schedules:  There were errors in the Schedules.  Print deadlines need to be reviewed.

Rule Books:  It was advised that BE said there were insufficient copies of the Rule Book to enable Organisers to have more than one copy.  JC to speak to BE.  ST said that BE Rule Book cover was dumbing down the sport.

ERA:  This group is being restructured and Bruce Haskell will be retiring


8 NEXT MEETING & OPEN MEETING Remaining Committee Meeting Dates for 2018 



3rd May  Badminton

10th July  London Canal Museum

2nd October  London Canal Museum

20th November  Edgecote Banbury


Dates for Open Meetings & AGM

3rd May  Badminton  AGM

7th June Bramham (TBC)  NS to facilitate

Burghley unable to accommodate us this year, so JC to ask Blenheim if we could have an Open meeting there



9. AOB Environmental Issues:  Ways to reduce waste and limit the amount of plastic bottles used were discussed – points arising:


  • Recycling bins at each event
  • Look into number bibs having an internal structure similar to bridle numbers
  • Use plastic re-usable mugs e.g. similar to those used at Little Downham
  • ST talked about water cartons she had found which work out at 55p + VAT each.  These can be supplied by Aquapax and can be bought in half a pallet (54 cases). Discounted rate from Aquapax for all BE Organisers.  ST to organise tarrif charge and pictures.
  • Electric bikes were discussed for score collectors
  • Possible recycling Working Group
  • Possible funding from BE to support water bottles/mugs


Non Competing- Horses:  Secretary has to issue a number for a non-competing horse, to be worn as a bridle number.  The organiser has to have given permission for that horse to be at the event.  The question was raised about a non-competing horse being on site of a two day event, not competing on day one but on the second day.


JC to clarify insurance and SN to forward her BB’s presentation.


Additional Comment from JC:  BE Rule 5.22 Non competing horses:  Non- Competing Horses must be owned by a BE Member.


BE has clarified that insurance documentation is not required to be produced as there should be no horses on site, either competing or non- competing that are not owned by a BE Member.


Medical Cover:  HM advised that CQC Registration has been removed from paramedic/ambulance services – SES being one.  HM to go back to Jonathan Clissold.


Following the meeting JC has found that this refers to the ambulances which are compliant with CQC requirements


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