10th July 2018

London Canal Museum


PRESENT   Livy Agnew, Simon Bates, Andrew Chadwick, Rachel Faulkner, Jan Cottam, David Sayer, Nell Stourton, Tina Ure
1. APOLOGIES Josie Brettell, Karen Bartlett, Diana Brown, Pete Collins, Heidi Davies, Kim Knightly, Laura de Wesselow, Hannah Matthews, Sarah Taylor, Sharon Tovey, Jo Verey, Helen West, Lisa Hughes
Shelly Bacon – Nothing has been heard from Shelley. JC to contact her to see if she would like to continue with the committee
Livy Agnew was unanimously voted to remain on the committee
3. MATTERS ARISING Health & Safety – A new attachment was sent out to Organisers with the BE Health & Safety information, which had been missed off the Organiser & Official’s memory stick.
Concern was expressed re the role of the H&S Gurus (Harry Verney & Ray Hipkin). Not all events have been inspected in 2018, as was originally anticipated. Who is taking on the role of support for Organisers?
AC will be seeing RH at Weston Park, so will try to glean some information from him
TU spoke of experiencing an unfortunate time when her event was inspected. No communication with assessor & no feedback.
JC’s original request to clarify the grey areas between H&S & Competition responsibilities was passed to Wendy. Debbie Pritchard to chase up on this matter.
JC to take these issues up with DP & at the Officials Wash Up

JC is still wanting event photos to use on the Facebook page & Twitter

4. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT Blenheim Ground Care Day
A pleasing response and generally well received. Quite a lot on expensive machinery, so perhaps this was more for the larger events.   The Q&A session in the afternoon was well received.

Tim Holderness-Roddam has the overall brief for BE equipment. He is keen to assist Organisers & asked for opinions on the BE machinery. It was felt being ‘fit for purpose’ was the main issue. A 10’ areovator was the most useful.
If there were more machines there would be a greater opportunity for maintenance between events. There is a fee of £70 paid to the keeper on every occasion that the machine is loaned out.
RC’s are the point of contact re BE Machinery. Phillip Herbert is the BE Groundcare expert

Blenheim Open Meeting
Well attended. Plenty of lively discussion

Conference Calls with Paul Hodgson & David Holmes
These have continued and included Cathy Butler from EHOA & Bruce Haskill representing ERA. The discussions have not been easy conversations. Mainly concentrating on IT issues.
Another call is overdue. JC to chase up about this

Professional & International Organiser Meetings
Should the BEOA have a representative present at these meetings? It was felt this should be investigated. JC to take further.

Current Balance

Entry Fee Formula
The Board agreed a rise of 2.25% FOR 2019

Bruno Brenninkmeijer reported at the Sport Committee an additional 9 events had passed over information re their event finances. This brought the total to 17
It was agreed that the questions asked by BE were too detailed & many of the Fixed costs were in fact variable.   In general, it was felt the paper was far too complicated.

A further year’s information should be asked for to ensure accuracy, particularly in view of the difficult season experienced in 2018. JC to take this suggestion back to the Sport Committee
AH made the point that asking a bookkeeper to extricate these facts for BE would probably be at a significant cost.

Committee Member Expenses
This was discussed as some members travel a significant distance in order to attend meetings. Currently, no one has been claiming their expenses.
It was agreed that an expenses form should be circulated & committee members reminded that travel costs can be reimbursed.

6. Start Fees & Entry Fees


SB’s paper on Entry Fees was discussed. The question was asked if Start Fees & Entry Fees should be counted together.   This would show a falling behind in the rate of Entry Fee.
JC had received a similar comment from Douglas Weymouth.
SB suggested that a 3% rise should be adopted every year to avoid the time spent & discussion taken when negotiating increases in Entry Fees. JC would take this idea back to the Sport Committee
It was agreed that the maximum Start Fee should be indexed linked
7. Strategic Fixtures Plan, Special Formats & Endorsed Events plus Special Measures Fixtures

Mel Siggs has resigned.   Her role has been taken on by David Holmes

The 2019 Calendar has been agreed. There will be no replacement or new events in 2019 unless there are very exceptional circumstances

Tender documents for International Events have been emailed to all Organisers who are invited to apply. The BEOA has been asked to nominate an Organiser to sit on the Fixtures Summit where tenders will be considered & venues chosen. The candidate must have a wide knowledge of eventing, both National & International.
The whole committee plus Regional Co-Ordinators had been asked for nominations.
After much discussion, Jan Cottam was proposed for this role. This was agreed.

There was concern that Peripheral events would benefit from a ‘champion’. It was agreed that Andrew Chadwick should take on this position.   JC to ask if this would be possible.   There would only be one vote for Organisers, even if there were two BEOA representatives

There is likely to be a tightening up of restrictions in the Affiliation Agreement concerning unaffiliated events. The 5 day restriction may be extended to 7 days. It was asked how an event had managed to run an unaffiliated competition the day before their BE event? JC to investigate

There is likely to be a 105 championship in 2020

Special Formats & Endorsed Events
It was agreed there should be some clarification and protection for Affiliated events. This should be in line with the Fixtures Protocol

Special Measures
This needs to be strictly enforced
JC to ask for more honesty from evaluation of events.

Concern that there has to be 2 x poor evaluations prior to a consideration of Special Measures. This would result in possibly a 3 + year period of poor performance. A much quicker improvement was asked for.

It was felt that ‘fresh looks’ from officials could be valuable. This could be achieved by rotating officials every 5 events & then reverting to the normal team. Changes should be for both Officials but not at the same time. Alternatively, a visitation from an independent official working ‘on top’ of the normal officials, every 5 events, would be helpful.

Consider a Stipendiary Official.
Sometimes there are personality clashes that can colour evaluations.

For an event on Special Measures, a 3rd Official should be appointed with the relevant specialist knowledge in the flagged area of weakness.  The question was asked who those with specialist knowledge are?
JC to take the above to the SC

8. EGM


This is to be held on the 22nd October in Stoneleigh.

Despite trying to find answers, detailed reasons for calling the EGM, the result being sought & the method to achieve this result have not been possible to ascertain other than a lack of confidence in the CEO & Chair of Board.

JC to ask BE’s permission to listen into a ‘fact finding’ conference call & attend a similar meeting, both arranged by Paul Hodgson

A joint statement is to be published by EHOA, BEOA & ERA expressing a general discontent with the current state of affairs within BE. Individuals will be encouraged to act in whatever they feel fit.

It was agreed to share any information


9. Sport Committee Uniform Ballot Day
This has been decided to be Tuesday.   Thank you to the Entries Secretary Group for their help with this

Stats for 2018
Wendy McGowan gave figures based on a comparison with 2016 stats as the 2017 ones are not available due to an IT glitch.
Membership is at 15644 (1% down on Total Membership & 1.3% down on Full Membership. JC to ask if Associate Members are included in these numbers.   GDPR allows for a right to be forgotten but currently if a member stops subscribing, they will become an Associate Member until they die.
Day Passes down 5% – 3420
There are 12500 voting members
RF stated that there are 4 million riders in the country, 1 million of which are owner riders of which 25% belong to at least one discipline. BE Owner Membership is very popular

Changes to requirements for Horse & Human Ambulances
These will be required to remain for 30 minutes after the last horse has finished cross country. Most companies charge per day so the SC felt this would not be at an extra cost to Organisers. AC spoke of being charged a ‘late finish’ fee.
JC to ask why a horse ambulance is required to stay

Show Jump Course Walks
Organisers are thought to be discouraging these in order to finish early. JC to point out that course walks are in the domain of the scorer

Competition Numbers
BE are wanting Organisers to print their own numbers. This was discussed Viability Working Group) but not agreed at the Sport Committee meeting.
Organisers expressed general dismay at such a suggestion – time, cost, Organisers too busy in the run up to the event, a loss of professional look. It costs £20 per pack to buy 1-50 x 2 from Rosettes Direct. This means an additional £280 for 14 sections.
WMG said there would be no reduction in the Affiliation Fee to compensate for this.
It was felt that the £35,000+ current cost to BE was excessive. If BE was to insist on this, a substantial financial compensation must be found for Organisers.
AC spoke of an ability for some printers to be programmed to produce numbers which he used for his unaffiliated event. AC to investigate charges
It must be more sustainable to print a large number of numbers rather than a few at a time. It was felt that if Organisers were made to do this. Presumably, copying dressage test would be acceptable!

On Event Stabling
This was discussed. It is a very expensive item

FCFS & Waitlists
Following consideration by BE yet again it was agreed to drop this matter as it is unpopular & generally unwanted
JB, ST & JC have collaborated & sent a paper on Waitlists to BE as requested for further discussion.
Transparency regarding Wailtists is important but sometimes difficult to achieve. A facility for this must be in place for IT Project.  IT Working Group to chase this up.
SB expressed difficulties with scorer, acting as an Entries Secretary but not fitting late entries in.
JC to ask if ‘Waitists held’ could be put on appropriate event pages in schedule.
From 2019, numbers of entries received will no longer be able to be hidden.
Refunds must happen if a competitor is replaced but it was reported that this did not always happen. JC to investigate

10. Working Groups


This project is making progress. A Working Group conference call is now over due & will be requested.
There is still some confusion amongst members about what is possible & why BDWP cannot be continued with.

Entries Secretary Group
Helpful & useful contributions given to questions asked by BE

Commercial & Marketing Group
No report from this group
JC has written a letter to the Board expressing the committee’s concern about the spend of this department not being commensurate with the income generated.
Acknowledgements from the Board were received & David Holmes asked for a meeting. JC approved of this suggestion but asked for figures to be shared first. DH has consistently referred her to the BE accounts. The BEOA are not asking for detailed invoices but merely a breakdown of the departmental spend across different sectors & projects.
It was agreed that a meeting would be good provided that something was to be gained form it rather than a repetition of the recent update. Edgecote – mid week was suggested.  Figures would once again be asked for, prior to the meeting.   JC to email DH regarding this.

The C&M Department are asking to change the names of classes to the appropriate heights – Novice would become BE 110 etc. This can only happen gradually as it would require a change to the dressage tests etc.

Disappointment was expressed that there was a lack of ‘noise’ made about the Gold medals at WEG plus a lack of activity on social media for Organisers, especially when BE were tagged into Facebook posts, Tweets etc. There is currently minimal retweeting or ‘likes’ etc

11. Dates of Next Meetings 22nd October   EGM Stoneleigh
4th November AGM Stoneleigh

20th November Edgecote Banbury

12. AOB Networking Day: JB, ST and SB are organising a day in the New Year at Somerford. They will be asking representatives from companies like Dodson & Horrell to tell us what they look for in a sponsorship package.   Blue Chip was suggested as worth an approach.
It was hoped to get representatives from EHOA & ERA involved.
The inclusion of a session on the IT Project was not popular with the committee

Due to a lack of time, the following will be carried over to the next meeting

  • Unaffiliated v Affiliated Events
  • Communications with BE – Jo Verey
  • Doctor Register – Lucy Cunliffe
9. There will be a BEOA Open Meeting at Blenheim on Thursday 13th September 2018

Committee Meetings

20th November Edgecote Banbury

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