PRESENT Jan Cottam, Andrew Chadwick, Lisa Hughes, Helen West, Heidi Davis, Hannah Matthews, Tina Ure, Josie Brettell, Laura de Wesselow, Rachel Faulkner, Diana Bown, Pete Collins, Robert Sayer, David Sayer, Karen Bartlett, Jo Verney

APOLOGIES Stuart Buntine, Sarah Taylor, Livy Agnew, Nell Sourton, Simon Bates, Kim Knightley, Nell Stourto


The issue of central sponsorship was clarified. Organisers are to supply details of sponsors to BE.

The minutes were approved

Ground Care
– HW confirmed that STRI would be happy to do some workshops at a cost of £1000/day. It was agreed that this would be something for next year.

It was agreed that the ground care kit supplied by BE was frequently not fit for purpose and there was the system in place for ensuring it is properly maintained is not working. Likewise the events trailers. It was suggested that it would be better if looked after on a commercial basis by approved BE contractors.

SJ collecting procedures continue to be a hot topic. In particular it was noted that timetables sometimes did not include provision for course walks. It was agreed it was essential to communicate with competitors about the system that each event was running.

It was felt that an IT update should be part of our Burghley Open meeting.

It was noted that the BEOA weblink on the BE website was still not working.


JC reported that there had been no Sports Committee meeting since the last meeting but she had had lengthy discussions with BE about the 80T issue. This was subsequently discussed under AOB



A conference call had taken place.  The powerpoint presentation had not materialised. The current status is as follows:

Release 1  CRM system (memberships) was now live

Release 2 (EARS) will be trialled from August.  Each trial will be followed by a period of bug fixing with an aim to have completed this process after the end of the season. This will not include entries

Release 3 (Risk Management, Sport, Training & Education, H&S) by July 2017.  Concern that no data has been entered as yet, for this season.

Release 4 (Website) Will be completed by January 2018 but may possibly not be implemented until March 2018

There has been an additional spend of £54k for requirements not originally included in the spec.  One is described by DH as a “slidey thing”, to take into account multiple riders & timetabling, Scoring one class on multiple terminals & merging of scores from 2 classes.  There was scepticism about why this had been left out of the original spec. RS queried responsibility for the costs as it was essentially a management tool that the organisation needed in order to operate.

HW said that we should insist on assurances that as organisers we will be involved and we will get what we need on our own web pages.


LdW asked if others had come across an app developed by Ignis as that was the sort of thing she would want to link to her page.

RF stated that we should email what we as organisers want and need and send on to BE.

ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN  DB proposed JCto be re-elected.  Seconded by Rachael Faulkner


The issue of BE removing funding for 2 coaches at 80T classes was discussed at length. It was agreed that the timing of the communication was very poor. BE’s position is that it is no longer affordable given the number of events that are now running those classes. However the meeting felt strongly that they were being marketed as training classes and therefore the training element should not be removed. It was agreed that the costs of trainers should be looked at as some savings could be made in this area. There were concerns about the safety aspects of having just one coach and it was agreed that it was not the responsibility of the Steward and the TA to make up for any shortfall in this area.


JC said that the controllers had been in touch about the fact that their ongoing training, development and CPD had been largely ignored. The meeting felt that there was a mentoring system in place and they did have training opportunities. The meeting felt that controllers should have regulated breaks.


There have evidently been staff changes and there was some question over the knowledge/competence of head office staff.


Organisers need to give this some thought as we will be required to let BE have our input by X. It was agreed that there were too many uncertainties with the election looming but organisers should be prepared to respond quickly.  Everyone to give this some thought over next few weeks to be ready for a proposal in July


JC had been asked to raise the fact that there were discrepancies between the scale of prize money and prizes given in kind. Organisers felt that it should be left as is. Some choose to give vouchers for online retailers and prizes in kind.


Following on from discussions at previous meetings about protecting the brand it was noted that some organisers were promoting their UA events as being “over a BE track” or to a (BE Standard), which is clearly not the case.


Whilst some of the permanent event sites have successfully been taking card payments, this is more difficult/unviable for one-off events in green field sites, even if there was sufficient network coverage to make it feasible. It was suggested BE could have regional card machines as part of shared event kit.  JC to speak to BE


HD mentioned that there was lottery funded Young Volunteer scheme for Welsh events that organisers should be aware of.

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