3rd May 2018

Horse Trials Group Marquee Badminton Horse Trials


PRESENT Livy Agnew, Shelly Bacon, Karen Bartlett, Simon Bates, Diana Brown, Josie Brettell, Andrew Chadwick, Rachael Faulkner, Heidi Davies, Lisa Hughes, Kim Knightly, Hannah Matthews, Nell Stourton, Sarah Taylor, Sharon Norrish, Tina Ure, Helen West
1. APOLOGIES Jan Cottam, Kim Knightly and Lisa Hughes
3. MATTERS ARISING HQ Staff to attend events as part of their CPD  –  JC advised via notes that nothing further had been done with regard to this matter because of the current goings on at BE it was felt that now was not the right time to persue. 

BE Vouchers for Prizes – Again nothing further been done for the reasons stated above


Health & Safety -  Chris Farr had sent out guidelines for H&S but the majority of those present had not received these.  AC had prepared a job description for the H&S Officer, he will distribute this to everyone.   The H&S Officer need to be dedicated and independent of the organising committee.  HM said the H&S Officer should also have a good understanding of the sport.   JC to review job description and post on website as a guideline.  Ray and Harry to review


to review H&S job description and post on website as a guideline.

4. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT GPDR:  Wendy McGown is writing a Guide for Organisers.  In light of this JC did not continue her work to avoid duplication or confusion.  When the guide is published we can reconsider the need for BEOA to write their own.It was confirmed that those present had received their Guide


Sponsors Guide:  BE have agreed to drop the work ‘local’ from the title of this guide.  BE have done some research into printing costs and this has been published on our FB page

Concern was raised by everyone concerning the vast amount of money BE were spending on marketing, surveys and projects that were not applicable to the “average” event.  JC to write to Board on this matter.  This matter is still pending


BE80 Qualifier:   An explanation has been posted on the FB page and circulated to organisers.  Andrew to take Helen West’s question of the possibility of running two classes 80cm and 80(t)


PC Discipline Issue:  JC discussed with Sport Committee the concern from organisers re lack of communication regarding discipline issues on event and time taken to resolve without outcomes being communicated.  Andrew to take to Sport Committee.

Communication:  FB Page proving really popular and all sorts of things being discussed.  Need to encourage more Organisers to join

JC asked if everyone could supply some photos from their event for the page – so far none have been received.

JC to write to Board
AC to take the Discipline issue to the Sport Committee

Bank Balance:  £4,648.10Need to think about entry fees and costs for running.  Suggested increase in line with inflation, a larger window for start fees.  It was suggested a 2% increase and wider window for start fees, this needs to be considered and reviewed at next meeting
6. SPORT COMMITTEE Questions for AC to take to next meeting:

  1. With GDPR no competitor contact details available on BDWP.  How can these be obtained in an emergency situation?
  2. ERA:  Admin fee for withdrawals should be changed currently £10.00 + VAT (£12.00) amend to £12.00 + VAT

AC to take above questions to the Sport Committee

7. Working Groups  ITTP:  GDPR:  Issues with BDWP not showing any contact details only list of names.

There are concerns about the issuing of new registration numbers when new website is launched and BDWP not having accurate information.  This will cause massive problems for entry Secretaries.  Concern was also raised about “Syndicate” riders who could end up with 5 or 6 different numbers.  This needs to be raised with David Homes


ITTP Woriking Group to raise the above.

8. AOB Late Entry Surcharges:  It was decided it was up to organisers to decide whether or not to charge.Fragmented Support from BE:  The issue of not being able to get hold of staff in the BE office was discussed and it was suggested that when staff were away from the office it would help if they had an “out of office” message on their telephones stating who the caller should speak to in their absence.

Coloured Numbers:  The additional cost of £5.00 for coloured numbers was agreed as too expensive.  It was also agreed that the BE Logo was not liked especially the fact that it makes sponsors names smaller.

Fixtures:  The new FEI classes going out to tender has far reaching consequences.  The whole fixture list needs reviewing.

Financial Modelling Tool:  It was agreed that all events were too diverse for this to work

JC to raise the above with the Sport Committee

9. Dates of Next Meeting 7th June @ Bramham Open MeetingThere will be another Open Meeting at Blenheim.  Date to be confirmed


Committee Meetings
10th July  London Canal Museum

2nd October  London Canal Museum

20th November  Edgecote Banbury

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