2nd May 2019
Voltaire Hospitality, Badminton

PRESENT Tina Ure, Josie Brettell, Rachel Cory, Jo Verey, Sharon Norrish, Andrew Chadwick, Heidi Davies, Hannah Matthews, Pete Collins, Diana Bown, Simon Bates, Laura de Wesselow, Shelly Bacon, Sarah Taylor, David Sayer, Rachel Faulkner, Helen West, Jan Cottam, Nell Stourtonn attendance – Robert Sayer, Michael Munden
1. APOLOGIES Karen Bartlett, Kim Knightly, Nicky Helyer
2. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes to be approved at next meeting




  • Election of Chair – JC asked if anyone else wanted to stand as chair. JC has one year left. DB proposed.  Seconded by TU. Approved by the committee. JC to remain as Chair.It was felt important the JC remained in the role during these turbulent times.
  • Committee Members – Livy Agnew and Lisa Hughes stepping down.  There hard work and valued contribution & support has been very much appreciated.
    Jennifer Micklejohn (Musketeers) would like to join. There is a large committee.  This is important to ensure all areas are represented.  AC proposed that the committee look at the whole constitution at the next meeting.JC to circulate constitution. It may be worth having an additional categories such as multi events when looking at the spread of committee members.

Discussion prior to JC’s arrival –

  • Schedules – Schedules are incorrect. Need to have an editable document that is easier to edit.
  • BE Entries System – Bicton had several issues. £16500 taken through their own payment system as BE could not take payment. Stripe charge 1.4%.  BE charge 1.2% transaction fee.
    All entries were recorded as day tickets so ballot was a challenge.
    No owner or breeder information.
    Refunds can only be done via BE Office.
    This to be fed back to BE via the BEOA ITTP Working group.

General concern about where BE are getting their help from. Miranda Collett has not heard from BE and would be a useful source of information. ITTP working group believe their next meeting will be face to face where they can take plus ones. HW will invite Miranda.
It is thought Paul Harris may continue in 2020. JC to contact him.

Live scoring information needs to put up faster by organisers.

  • Website – There is a detrimental effect on organisers due to the problems with the website. Felt we should approach Jude Matthews re the commercial side of the website. It is taking too many clicks to get to an entry (10). Some issues are fixed after being raised.
  • Training – Bookings for training have dropped by 75% since website
  • BE – MM asked how do organisers see their relationship with BE, structurally and legally.  Are we a Franchise? BE and Organisers are mutually reliant. BE are the governance.
    There is a really good opportunity before a new CEO is appointed to come together in a friendly manner to help start again, with stakeholders.  Suggest a session of brainstorming on how BE could best be structured. DB proposed to make BE Board smaller without other committees. The new Board has a lot to learn about the sport.
    One Director is suggesting that if an event does not have 300 entries per day, it is not viable and should not run. Committee members felt more like 220-250, especially considering BST.
  • Car Pass Fund – KB & Wendy McGowen are not able to find any information about this. DB will look for any information she might have.  Committee felt that as this is a historic issue we have probably exceeded the statutory limitations and will have to park this.
4. Chairman’s Report Committee –The Chairman is elected by the committee & 5 committee members shall form a quorum


5. Treasurer’s No report as accounts to be presented at the AGM
13. Dates of Next Meetings Committee Meetings
18th June 2019 Edgecote
8th October London
26th November Edgecote

Open Meetings
6th June  Bramham
We have been invited to hold an Open Meeting at Blenheim

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