25th June 2019    The Coach House, Edgecote

PRESENT Tina Ure, Josie Brettell, Jo Verey, Andrew Chadwick, Pete Collins, Simon Bates, Sarah Taylor, Jan Cottam, Nell Stourton
1. APOLOGIES Karen Bartlett, Kim Knightly, Niki Hellyer, Heidi Davies, Hannah Matthews, Diana Bown, Laura de Wesselow, Rachel Faulkner, Helen West, Rachel Cory
2. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Minutes approved 9th April & 2nd May 2019 
  • Ambulances – Wording needs to be changed to any vehicle as long as it is carrying the correct kit.  This will be added to rules next year
  • BE Vouchers for Prizes – Wendy confirmed 15% is most BE can go to
  • News contactMarketing@britisheventing.com
  • Media Car Passes – This season media have been given an official car pass on application to BE. Alex Bright confirmed that it will not be offered next year and therefore members of the press must contact each event to find out individual policies. SB – DJ Stokes came to his event and asked permission to take photos for personal use but then put about 200 onto Facebook.
  • Changing Officials – BE Officials being asked to attend Events from further away, requiring the Organiser to pay for accommodation. JC to take this further.
  • Equine Flu – Outbreaks of flu continue to rise.  It is being proposed that BE should fall in line with FEI for 2020, including amending the time allowed to compete after injection. Organiser are being asked to check names on passports and that a vaccination has been given within last 6/12.  Vets to continue random checks. AC – BEF have not been able to get all disciplines to agree on a common approach from all.
  • Board Meeting Representation – JC contacted Jude Matthews to try and pick this up again. JM invited stakeholders to attend the meeting to be held on 6th August, Bruce Haskell, Huw Lloyd (new EHOA) and BEOA invited. SB to represent BEOA. JC to discuss the point of representatives being present with JM.
  • BE Branding – BE have asked Organisers to contact them if they need branding.  NS shares her banners across local events.  JV said the program adverts are not good/relevant.
  • Photography Permissions – As of next year U18’s will have to pay a supplementary amount to be a part of the U18 program. SB asked if there could be an opt for photographic permissions out as part of this.
  • Changes to the U18 Eligibility – Rule changes were not passed on to coaches etc.
  • Committee Members – Jennifer Micklejohn from Musketeers is now a member of the BEOA Committee. We can have 3 members from each region plus 3 co-opted. SW, Scot & N plus SE are short of 1. CW has 6 members, E has 4. Diana Bown & Karen Bartlett are co-opted members. Agreed to leave current membership as stands.
  • Les Smith – JC has given him a list of dates but he has not been able to commit
  • Fixtures Calender – SB suggestion re week numbers reverting to calendar weeks was not approved by Sports Committee.  BE considers the current format avoids confusion. JC to go back to and say this is not the case.
  • CEO – Interviews held last week.
  • Signing off Field of Play Areas – No news from Wendy McGowen as yet. JC will ask again at next Sports Committee.
  • Memory Sticks – Information & Gudlines for Organisers is dated 2012. JC to ask Sports Committee that all Organisers get updated sticks & that office staff use updated information.
  • Car Pass Money Account – Wendy McGowen – does not know anything about this. The fund was closed in 2003. DB was going to look and see if she can see accounts.
  • Controllers – JC questioned the wording of the new rule changes. This is being led by Sean Maxwell. JC will ask for further clarification. SB noted that the level of event that you are running will dictate the makeup of the team. As of next year it will be mandatory to use controllers from the BE list. AC asked if there were enough controllers to make this mandatory.
4. Chairman’s Report Relationship with Stakeholders – continues to improve. Closely in touch with ERA and EHOA. Much more cohesive feel to stakeholder groups.Conference Call with Jude Matthews and Fiona O’Hara – held at the end of May with only Jude and Cathy. Continued to put pressure on re Entries System & Communication, which seems to be falling off again. Another call booked for this week.

Strategic Fixtures Plan – Review being undertaken with AC representing organisers. Several meetings have been scheduled and, in due course the results will be published. Process is being reviewed not the decisions.

Belton Date – JC disappointed that no organiser was on the Venue Assessment Panel (Paul Graham, Yogi Breisner and Bruce Haskell). AC said there was reluctance from people wanting to do it. Tomorrow a tendering process will take place for the replacement for the Belton date. Process has been transparent. JC asked AC to feed back the feeling that an Organiser need to be involved in the VAP.

TU reported that she has been told her event is unlikely to be viable

Organisers Facebook Page – continues to provide useful discussion

Sport Committee

Car Insurance – now able to inform BE Office, details of volunteer cars on morning of event.  JC to find out the method of communication. TU – Could BE not put this at part of a volunteer membership.  JC to ask about officials’ vehicles.

Doctors – From 2021, at least one doctor at events must hold current trauma training. BE is formulating a list which will eventually be circulated to Organisers. Megan Hardwick (Trauma Trained) now Chair of MEA. It is hoped the MEA will be able to offer Event Specific training

Height Change in SJ at Regional Finals – Suggested increase in SJ would better prepare for finals. Fixtures team to discuss practicalities. Organisers felt this will put time pressures on timetables. SB noted that if they do this BE need to make sure that Organisers get enough entries to make it worthwhile. There may be a need to limit number of RF’s.

CCI1* – Fixtures Team considering including a few in the 2020 calendar.

Evaluations – Event evaluation are often completed with mainly ‘yes’ responses. These are to be changed so that ‘no comment’  would indicate ‘all was well’. SB felt there was a danger something will get missed & needed an acknowledgement that things have been considered. BE are not involved in Evaluations which go to the FEI for International events. SB – there needs to be a report which feeds back to BE. Especially important from 2020 as all International events that have been awarded by BE.

The importance of discussion of evaluation with Officials and Organisers was discussed.

Regional Meetings – JC asked that these are held in Jan/Feb so Organisers are given time to understand implication of rule change

Prize Giving Policy – Organisers asked to state their Prize Giving Policy on Event Notice Board

Multi Event Organisers – are we in danger of these Events dictating standards? What happens if they fold? Historically, these Organisers have appeared to be pushing policies from behind the scene.  Last year there was a Professional Event Organisers Meeting about which the BEOA was not informed. SB – This type of business is only a problem if they are treated differently but will be a problem if they fold.  There is a need to monitor.


Working Groups

BEOA ITTP Working Party - A recent Conference Call was not very satisfactory. Still unable to book training through the BE Website. Need to ask if changes can be made to entries pre-ballot.  We need to keep the pressure on. Need to start testing from the moment an Event opens. If testing not started by July then we need to look elsewhere. SB asked if there is to be a booking fee for each entry. JC reminded the committee that Wendy McGowen had assured Organisers there would be no change to the current of entries. JC to write to BE expressing our concern with the state of the New Entries System. What provisions do you have for back up? Ask a barrister to write it to give it gravitas.

Kim Knightly emailed to say that she is deeply concerned that live scoring systems are not compatible with the new BE website and EARS system. It is a very cost effective and popular system. Could the ITTP group ask about the compatibility between with outside systems.

Entries Secretary Group  – Continues to promote useful discussion eg. balloting, adding stickers & refunds

Commercial & Marketing – Nothing to report

Sustainability – Nothing heard from BE

5. Treasurer’s Entry Fee Increase – JC to ask that increases will apply to Entry Fees & Start Fees, any changes in EF & SF are published by 1st September, confirm no rule changes that will impact on event costs are introduced after July 1st & that EF’s can never be reduced in value. This is to be discussed at the next Sports Committee meeting. JC to ask BE to publish an explanation of how the increases have been arrived at.  All to keep a note of increases in operating expenses.It was agreed to stick with BB’s formula although the committee remains concerned about it.  There have been increased costs in medical expenses (10-20%), horse ambulance (15%) & catering.
6. Magazine Organisers asked why there was a need to reduce magazine content.  JC explained that BE were trying to avoid such an early need for proofs. Mark Corbett, Helen White and JC have looked at Magazine.  All felt organisers want the magazine. A page per event is sensible. Could we reduce the information on there and use the extra space for sponsors? Is there available free space as a banner on the top of the page? Need to make it clear what is generic between events and what changes this may make the process easier. AC suggest BE look at a different printer as many companies can do this more quickly. SB asked for no changes until the website is sorted. The magazine is our contract with our competitor. Can BE find out how many people use the magazine? The process is broken not the content.
7. Refunds BE wanted a rule change where the minimum policy required refunds to be given to a withdrawn combination who is replaced by a competitor from the same class. Following the Sport Committee meeting, it was agreed this needs further discussion before implementation. BEOA feel it will not work. Working on a maximum of 300 entries per day will not work as some entries are replaced even when event is not full. TU asked if we should look at this in terms of how many competitors do we need to be viable. New system needs to display waitlists and refunds as clearly possible. Could BE structure the Levy so that if you run less horses you pay a reduced fee. ST stated it was about educating riders to complete the acceptance & ridden order part of their entry. JB felt ES should explain to competitor the chances of refunding, at time of withdrawing.PC feels it is correct that Organisers should not refund if entered after ballot date.  The majority did not agree and most organisers choose to ignore this rule.
7. Unaffiliated v Affiliated JC, Livy Agnew, RF, Helen White & Mark Corbett attended meeting to discuss. BE must have a more robust strategy to deal with unaffiliated events misrepresenting BE at their events eg. ‘running on a BE course’. At the time, Unaffiliated is here to stay.  BE should embrace this movement at the same time as making the BE brand stronger. Agreed that a group of BE officials should get together to discuss the ways to ensure Events are meeting the right standards.Over the last 5 years (March to May), entries have averaged 30,214. This year we are up on this – 31696. This could be explained by abandonment in previous years.

The has been a suggestion from Jude Matthews regarding a Code of Conduct where Organisers will not hold an Unaffiliated Event according to the parameters of the affiliation agreement. Bramham attendees did not like this suggestion.

The Committee did not approve of a Code of Conduct & a Pre-BE Event.  It was felt we need to stabilise our own membership before concentrating on others. We need to be better than the unaffiliated market. We are the aspiration. This move could dilute the membership.

AC said there was scope for collaboration with Riding Club and Pony Club. TU explained that if holding a PC Qualifier, BE have asked PC’s to buy a day ticket, increasing the cost to over £100.

There would be nothing to stop an Organiser changing from a BE event to a Pre BE Event, at which they would earn much more money.

PC felt this was encouraging people to go Pre-BE.

8. Gold Standard Bruce Haskell would like events to produce a Gold Standard. It was felt that we are all aspiring to be the best we can.  JC to ask Bruce what he wants then take it to the EHOA to see what they would like! JC to investigate – could be dangerous!
9. AOB Owners Information – Owners information is not transferring from BE to BDWP correctly.TU felt this was something to do with Syndicate Ownership not transferring correctly.  The FEI data base differs from BE’s database.Members Survey – Upton balloted heavily and received a lot of abuse as people not knowing the rules. Miranda Haynes stated she was carrying out a survey on behalf of ERA and BE. This was not correct.  It was felt riders should feed concerns through ERA, Owners – EHOA. ERA should promote themselves to help riders become better informed.
Support for BE’s stance against misuse od social media but personalising emails has caused some upset for individual members who believe some communications from BE have been private.

Competitors Volunteer – We want people at an Event because they want to be there not because they have too. It is different matter when memberships at Riding Club are £12.50.

Electric Bikes – Individual policy is up to Organisers but it must be clear in the schedule or could be the landowner’s decision. They must not be on the field of play when the competition is live. Should this be a rule & should there be a site speed limit?  JC to enquire. No unauthorised vehicles (two or four wheeled) should be in the competition area.  Electric bikes may be allowed at an organiser discretion. 

13. Dates of Next Meetings Committee MeetingsAdditional meeting may be put on depending on where we are at with EARS

8th October London

26th November Edgecote
Open Meetings

Blenheim – JC to invite BE to present EARS to organisers

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