20th November 2018

Edgecote, Banbury


PRESENT Livy Agnew, Andrew Chadwick, Jan Cottam, Tina Ure, Josie Brettell, Karen Bartlett, Pete Collins, Heidi Davies, Kim Knightly, Hannah Matthews, Sarah Taylor, Simon Bates, Rachael Corry, Nell Stourton, Shelly Bacon, Rachel Faulkner, Laura de Wesselow, Rachel CorryInvited Douglas Weymouth, David Holmes and Jude Matthews attended the meeting.
1. APOLOGIES Sharon Tovey, Jo Verey, Diana Bown, Helen West
2. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Approved – Diana Bown not Brown.SB to ask if there were any note that could be circulated to Organisers about Ground Care day at Blenheim.


SB to find out about Groundcare day notes for circulation to Organisers

3. MATTERS ARISING  Due to a lack of time at the last meeting, 3 items of AOB were referred to this meeting.  It was agreed to deal with these at the start of discussionsUnaffiliated v Affiliated Competitions  The Sport Committee has asked that representatives for Organisers, Riders & Owners should form a working group to discuss this issue.  They were asked to invite Rachael Faulkner to join them.  JC suggested that LA should also be included as she now has a special interest in the unaffiliated market.  The meeting was suggested for February

Doctor Register  This has been spoken of in the past, with no satisfactory answer.  The Organisers’ Facebook page has been helpful for events struggling to find help.  The Medical Equestrian Association is worth contacting.
JC will go back to BE to see if a register can be held

Other Matters Arising

  • JC to request the recommencement of conference calls with EHOA, ERA, BEOA, David Holmes & Paul Hodgson
  • JC to request that a member of BEOA Committee should be invited to the Professional Event Organiser & International Organiser meetings
  • Special Format & Endorsed Events   A protocol has been agreed.  In future, any Event Support will be paid by the Event rather than BE
  • Special Measures   Events experiencing Special Measures will be given support from BE Officials
  • Deployment of Officials   Deployment is being looked at to ensure best use of officials in order to maintain the highest standards throughout our events
  • Unaffiliated Events   An RC can no longer agree to the running of an unaffiliated event immediately prior to a BE Event
  • Uniform Ballot Date  This has been agreed as Tuesday but is currently not being used in schedules that are being edited at present.  BE will be changing this.
  • Horse Ambulances   From next season, the Doctor & Ambulance plus Vet & Ambulance will remain on site for 30 mins from the time the last horse has completed their cross country
  • Waitlists   Work to clarify, is being undertaken at BE.
    The IT Group to ensure waitlists can be managed on the new Entries system
  • Photos  JC asked for Event photos that can be used on social media to be sent to her

SB to find out about Groundcare day notes
JC to request the recommencement of conference calls with EHOA, ERA, BEOA, David Holmes & Paul Hodgson
JC to request that a member of BEOA Committee should be invited to the Professional Event Organiser & International Organiser meetings
The IT Group to ensure waitlists can be managed on the new Entries system

Committee Members to send photos to JC
JC to ask BE to see if a register of Doctors can be held

4. Health & Safety Health and Safety AC spoke with Ray Hipkin regarding the grey areas between H&S and Competition responsibilities.  The view of RH was there should be a Risk Assessment for members of public, especially for the cross country course.  H&S is a matter of team work between officials and organisers.
RC stated there was no help from BE to cover the cross over between country fair and a BE event.   JC explained the field of play is the responsibility of BE Officials.  Everything else is down to the organiser. Cross country is signed off using the control log book, at the point the BE Steward gives permission for the first horse to commence the course.   Show jumping and dressage sign offs needs to be clarified.
Wendy McGowan had a meeting with the insurers who definitely did not want a check list to be completed by BE Officials.  JC to continue to press for clarification on this matter.

21 H&S inspections were planned for 2018 but only 14 were carried out

From 2019 Health & Safety Officer on site for entire event.

Health and Safety Executive – AC reported that during a recent H&S Executive meeting, the general feeling was that the Equestrian industry were over reporting injuries.  Accidents still need to be reported in the Event accident book but may not need to be reported to RIDDOR. AC will find out more about this.

Motorised Vehicles – It is theOrganisers responsibility to say if these vehicles are not wanted on site. This must be stated in the program.

JC to continue to press for clarification on the signing off of competition areas.
AC to continue to report back on RIDOR
JC to remind Organisers for
2019, Health & Safety Officer on site for entire event plus notice  in the programme should be given re Motorised Vehicles

5. Chairmans’s Report EGM  There were no takers for the conference calls & meeting arranged by BE prior to the EGM.   This was a difficult meeting.  RF said a good outcome was that members became more engaged with BE.  KB felt this attributed to the good attendance at the AGMAGM   This was well attended.  The presentations were good.  The Board member responsible introduced each topic, which was then explained by the relevant member of BE staff.  The Q&A session did not work as well due to the number of questions submitted from members who were not present.  As a consequence, the meeting ran very late & in the end was closed with unanswered questions being responded to in writing at a later date.

The minutes had just been published.  JC was disappointed to see some discrepancies but had not had time to study the minutes properly.  KB said those that had attended had a duty to check the minutes carefully & report back, aiding the flow of communication.  ST felt it was important that the minutes should be a true reflection of the content of the meeting.
During the AGM, Paul Hodgson stated that the Entry Fee rise had been decided based on a formula agreed between BE & BEOA.  JC said the formula, was presented at the Sport Committee meeting, after the Entry Fees had been agreed.  It had been agreed the formula was a good idea in principle & was still ‘work in progress’.  JC has questioned some of the workings.  The SC minutes showed this would be going back to the Sport Committee at a later date.

Communication   JC felt there was currently insufficient acknowledgment of the issues that had generated the EGM & subsequent strength of feeling.  There seems to be a lack of ‘plans’ for how to resolve other than ‘surgeries’ to be held in 2019.  DH explained about the ‘surgeries’ & indicated these would only be at the bigger events.

The committee expressed a lack of confidence that the Board had an adequate understanding of the Sport & the roles played by various Stakeholders.   JC proposed that a representative from each of the associations – BEOA, EHOA & ERA, should attend Board meetings as ‘listening ears’.  They would not have a vote but would be able to express a view.  JC to further this

KB stated the current process was groups reported to the Sport Committee & the Chair of the SC put across conclusions reached.  It was felt the Board overruled some of these decisions.  The BEOA has concern that the current structure was not working.  KB noted Board members do not have or need to have the detailed knowledge of SC members.  SB said the Board should feedback when SC decisions are changed.  KB stated that communication was key.
DH said the majority of work for the Board was done by committee & as a general rule, they did not overrule.  The committee felt it was important a Chair reflected the views of the Committee & this wasn’t always happening.  JM said this needed looking at.  JC said ‘We need to build bridges’ & want to work with all members of BE & the SC in a constructive & collaborative manner.

JM explained that part of her brief as a Board member was to improve communication.  She appreciated that Organisers all had very different ways of running their events & wanted to understand how BE could help.  LA stated that lots of little things were happening, which collectively led to dissatisfaction.

There was a request for more BE staff to attend events to improve their understanding of the Organiser’s role.  DH said this was happening but the committee felt the experience had not been constructive.  Both BE staff & Organisers need to be positive about this.

JC commented on a report from Les Smith that a number of Organisers were unhappy with the statement sent out about the EGM.  They felt BEOA did not get in touch with them.  JC has asked LS for numbers &, if possible, names to check she has contact details for these Organisers.  Nothing has been heard as yet.

JC asked DH about Debbie Pritchard’s replacement whilst on maternity leave.  DH said this was being finalised but it will be someone with experience.

Officials Meeting  JC reported some of the main facts from the Officials wash up meeting

  • Pins & MIMS Clips  £17,500  is spent on these each year
  • Equiratings  This data is still not completely available due to the inability to record the reason for eliminations on the current software.  It ahs ben used to identify consistent poor performance.   For 2019, Reverse Qualification will be introduced
  • Rider Rep phone numbers should not be put on the Event notice board without their prior permission


JC to further the possibility of representatives from BEOA, EHOA & ERA attending Board meetings
JC to remind Organisers that
Rider Rep phone numbers should not be put on the Event notice board without their prior permission

6. Sport Committee JC reported that papers presented for consideration by SC Members are often numerous & received with very little time to study.  It is particularly difficult when Organisers need to be consulted.JC stated that she often felt outnumbered by BE representatives.  It was imperative that she represented all Organiser views.  She was always grateful that committee members came back to her so quickly when she had questions to ask.

  • Entry Fee Formula  Agreement re the Formula remains a contentious issue & was referred to, in a difficult conversation, at the start of the Sport Committee meeting by Les Smith.
  • Stats   Membership is at 15990 – 2% down on 2016 figures.  Owners are the biggest growing group at 1341 – up 7.5%.  11205 horses
  • Custody and Care   Insurance to cover the transport of a horse for treatment is to continue, despite its limited need.  This will also cover a horse that is being moved around the event site.  The vehicle no longer needs to be inspected by the vet but the owner must still give permission. In order to comply, the towing vehicle must have business insurance.    JC to remind Organisers re insurance.
  • Dressage Judges   Extra reminders re the difference between BE rules & BD rules will be sent in the event stationary pack to enable all judges to have site of these rules.  This should clarify issues such as lameness etc.
  • List 3 Judges for Intermediate classes   There was a suggestion that this should become a rule.  The feeling from the committee was that this would be very difficult to achieve as there is always a struggle to find judges
  • Regional Finals   A request for RF’s to be held in long arenas with 2 judges was stressed by JC to be impracticable
  • CQC Inspection of Ambulances   The CQC are no longer inspecting ambulances.  It is imperative that Event Doctors carry out the appropriate checks
  • Entries – can no longer be hidden.  PC was not happy about this as he felt it was an integral part of getting competitors to enter early.  JC to go back to SC.  DH said there needs to be a strong rationale which PC would provide
  • Refunds of Entries made after ballot   The SC asked that Organisers agreed that any  replaced should be refunded regardless of of when entry is made.  There was no consensus reached, with strong views from both sides.  The SC would be informed that Organisers wish the rule to remain unchanged.
  • Grassroots ERA Rep Helen White, will be more visible at events
  • Volunteers   Should BEOA be doing more to engage with volunteers?  Consider asking to a BEOA meeting
  • Rosettes are not always of good quality.  This should be monitored by the BE Officials

JC to go back to SC re hidden entries

Consider ways to engage better with volunteers

JC to remind Organisers re insurance.

Inform SC that Organisers wish the rule to remain unchanged.

7. Treasurer’s Report Due to a lack of time, a report was not given but funds are healthy & there is enough to cover the costs of the planned Networking Day.The number of starters was lower in 2018 due to abandonments.  LdW asked if this would have a knock-on effect for the Abandonment Fee.  JC stated there would be no change as this was on a 3 year contract.

There will be 169 events in 2019

Entry Fees   These were announced very late.  JC to request that as soon as ratified by the Board, and at least by September 1st, these should be made know to Organisers.

When future Entry Fee rises are decided on, the equivalent rise in Prize Money should be taken into account.  We also need to consider the additional cost of filing VAT digitally
During the Sport Committee meeting, Bruno Breninnkmeijer presented an updated formula.  JC asked plenty of questions but there was limited discussion.  BB has agreed to attend a BEOA meeting in February to explain his workings.  JC encouraged as many as possible to attend this meeting.

JC to send a summary of the responses to the questions asked at the SC to KB, who write a report.
There will still be a need for BEOA to present Entry Fee increase proposals annually.

JC to send a summary of the responses to the questions asked at the SC to KB, who write a report.

JC to request that as soon as ratified by the Board, and at least by September 1st, Entry Fees should be made know to Organisers.

Email consultation with committee prior to the proposed meeting with BB in February

8. Prize Money JC had spoken to WMcG about prize money rising at the same rate as Entry Fees.  Although JC had been told this always happened, there is nothing written down to confirm this.  This rise should be taken into account when Entry Fees are decided.Bruno Breninnkmeijer is working on a formula to apply in order to award the winner of each section, the equivalent to their Entry Fee, in prizemoney.  Fewer competitors would receive prizes but they would be of greater amounts.

Figures being worked on are 7.9% for 90’s, 7.8% for 100’s & so on to Advanced at 25.2%

Concern was expressed regarding Prizes in Kind as this type of sponsorship is felt integral to assisting the atmosphere at events.  The AGM minutes suggested that these would be phased out, which would not be a popular move
TU asked if the money awarded would include Abandonment & Insurance.  JC to investigate


JC to ask if the money awarded would include Abandonment & Insurance

9. Printed Matter Due to time restraints, JC asked for a show of hands to find who was not in favour of events printing their own numbers.  WMcG is under pressure from the Board to introduce this for the 2019 season.  DH was of the opinion that this would not be coming in until 2020.  The committee was unanimous that this should not become mandatory.DH stated this was about efficiency and improving waste.  It was pointed out that the same volume of numbers would be printed as there was always the need for spares.

JC said there was significant stationary wastage throughout the whole supply.  FJ booklets etc. etc.  The supply of Event Stationery is a service provided to affiliated events.  To start to reduce this service would be the start of dumbing down the point of running affiliated events.

DH suggested that Wendy McGowan came to a meeting to discuss.  JC to investigate this & also produce a response for WMcG

There was additional strong feeling this should not be implemented as the Entry Fee rise had already been agreed and this action would increase expenses for Organisers & be against the ethos of the Affiliation Agreement.

There was a determined view that this must not be allowed to happen & the BEOA should work with BE to avoid this change


JC to enquire if WM could attend a meeting to discuss Printed Matter

JC to produce a response for WMcG

10. Strategic Fixtures Plan & Fixtures Application Form  RC was shocked by the emphasis on commercial.  JC agreed there was too much mention of sponsorship & not enough on Sport.   The relationship between BE & the Event, with respect Sponsorship is not clear.  RC asked how sponsorship details were relevant to BE.  JC to take this back to BE as Organisers are very protective of their sponsors.JC had not had many Organisers speak to her about the application process for 2020.  She made the point that the document could have been better proof read, prior to circulation.
A definition of County & Championship standard show jumps was requested of the committee.  PC & SB stated there was a difference described by BS.  These sets were of ‘good’ quality.

JC asked DH why NS had not been consulted about the decision to run an Intermediate at Burnham Market.  It was agreed that as Allerton ran 2 weeks after Burnham Market, it was outside the Fixtures Protocol.  As events need to be full in order to achieve viability, perhaps the Protocol should be looked at to extend to 2 weeks.  NS said that having been moved to Blenheim week, she would lose out on entries.  JC to make this point to the Fixtures Team

JC spoke of changes to the Fixtures Protocol to extend the distances between events.

80-Novice  100 miles 150 miles  2.5 hours travelling to 3 hours travelling
Intermediate & Advanced  200 miles 300 miles  4 hours travelling to 6 hours travelling

A 105 Championship would not happen for the foreseeable future as the take up was still fairly slow.  LdW said it needed to develop its identity.  TU explained the 105 allows members to achieve challenges, prior to going Novice.

The Fixtures List was very late in publication.  It had been reported that this was due to an unprecedented number of changes being asked for.  DH agreed this should not happen & the list should be published earlier.

2018 saw 54 days of sport lost.  There were 72250 starters

Since 2003 entries have doubled but the fixtures concept has remained unchanged


JC to ask for clarity on the relationship between BE & event sponsors as stated in the Strategic Plan
JC to make the point re Allerton v Burnham Market & Blenheim & the 2 week period, to the Fixtures Team

11. Working Groups 
  1. BEOA IT Working Group have had a conference call during October.  A further call is planned for a time when there is significant news.  Members of this group to make sure the next communication does not slip through the net.
  2. Entries Secretary Group  Nothing to report
  3. Fact Sheet Group  Membership is still confused about entering competitions.  There was a suggestion to write various Fact Sheets that members could be referred to in times of need .  ST to forward this. 
  4. Commercial & Marketing Group  LdW represents the BEOA on this group.  She stated that it was all about taking the sport forward at the top & letting this trickle down.  KB said we needed to hear more about how this was moving on.
    ST said that the Kenilworth conference did not target grassroot events or the core membership.  She went on to speak about the BEOA Networking Day.

DH explained that this conference had been a ‘step in the dark’ for BE & until they had run it, they did not know which direction to go in.  DH encouraged the BEOA to give BE some practical ideas.

RC was disappointed at the lack of BE branding at events plus not much encouragement regarding press releases & social media interaction.  DH refuted this but most felt it was only for a select few.  JM said she would look into event signage.

ST to forward Fact Sheets

12. Networking Day ST, JB & SB are organising a Networking Day on 27th January at Somerford Park  The intention is to use this as a day to get stakeholders to interact.  A flyer has been produced & will be circulated shortly.ST gave a short description of the format of the day.  It is hoped that, alongside Organisers, riders, owners, sponsors etc will all attend.  There will be a focus on aspects such as sponsors letting us know what they want out of events etc. as well as an opportunity to share ideas & concerns.
13. Dates of Next Meetings All venues to be confirmedEntry Fee Formula Meeting
8th January  Stoneleigh

Committee Meetings

7th February 2019 Stoneliegh

9th April 2019 London

18th June 2019 Edgecote

1st October London

20th November Edgecote

It is hoped to hold Open Meetings at Badminton, Bramham & Blenheim

The meeting to discuss the Entry Fee formula will be held at a date to be arranged

12. AOB There was no AOB

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