Tuesday 10th March 2020

PRESENT Jan Cottam – Chair Simon Bates, Andrew Chadwick, Pete Collins, Nicky Helyer, Nell Stourton, Jenny Meiklejohn, Nell Stourton, Tina Ure
1. APOLOGIES David Sayer, Rachel Cory, Laura de Wesselow, Rachel Faulkner, Jo Very, Hannah Matthews, Kim Knightley, Josie Brettel, Karen Bartlett, Heidi Davies, Helen West
Not heard from Shelley Bacon, Diana Bown,
Jude Matthews invited to meeting but unable to attend
2. PREVIOUS MINUTES Minutes approved for 28th January 2020




  • Volunteer Membership–JC to ask again for BE HQ to circulate lists of emails to be used by Organisers wanting to contact BE and an up dated list of Who’s Who at BE HQ in relation to positions held.
  • Dressage Tests – The large stock of tests is owned by BE. The green Novice tests have been used up
  • Sustainability Group – The rule book is popular with members but there is difficulty downloading. JC to ask if this could be available as a PDF – useful tool to enable a search facility.
  • BE AGM – JC was asked to feedback it was this was held at the wrong time – after discussion it was suggested 11.00 am – preferably weekday – but could be flexible. Early November – venue Stoneleigh.
  • EARS was discussed later in the meeting as a separate item.
  • Prize Money – this was disused on the Agenda
  • Membership – 4 day pass limit. it was felt by all Organisers present that limiting day passes to 4 was counter-productive. If members chose to pay for additional passes that was up to the individual. TU noted – Limiting to 4 passes, members would pick 4 events and not look to do any more.   BE is conducting a review of membership
  • Marketing – BE Brand Ambassador – Organisers should arrange to contact Brand Ambassadors via Olivia Sanchez (who is due to leave shortly) – it was noted that Ambassador contact details were on the website.  BE branding will be out for 2021
  • Special Measures – wording has been changed to “Quality Improvement” and the wording is now stronger.
  • Traffic Light System – Committee felt that there should be a classification based on the impact on events and a need to identify what is important to them at “decision level” ie RED impact on cost of event – financial or time and resources ie checking passports   Amber – rules Green pipeline proposals. Andrew Chadwick and Jenny Meiklejohn to look into this further
4. Chairman’s Report Chair advised there was nothing to report that was not going to arise later in meeting

Jude Matthews was due  to attend meeting but at the last moment had advised unable to come

  • Communication – Previously raised that Organisers should have up to date list of Whose Who at HQ and updated contact emails – discussed generic use of email address which can be picked up by anyone in the office.
  • International Organiser Meetings-   BE said they sent outguide for international events AC advised he could not remember seeing this. JC to investigate this
  • Health & Safety – Still no response about the confusion regarding responsibility for H&S in Field of Play. JC and the committee feel we now need clarification on who is responsible for H&S on field of play and who is taking over from Ray Hipkin.What back up is BE providing to H&S? What does the future hold?

Code of Conduct Form – Organisers Feedback. Jude Matthews is happy to promote a clearer whistleblowing process but would like to know what we thought the best route should be. It had been agreed at the RC’s meeting that Paul Graham should receive these matters but due to his resignation, this would not now be possible. JC to go back to JM to clarify the process for this feedback.

RC’s Meeting 15th January – Once the Officials evaluation has been sent to BE a feedback form will be sent to Organisers to be returned in 4 weeks.

Event Evaluations – It was disappointing that the much promised drilling down on standards & evaluations had not happened at the Officials conference in February. JC had understood this was to be a major topic at the Officials meeting, in order to ensure officials all singing from the same hymn sheet. 

Machinery The last investment in machinery was in 2018. It would be handy to know what machinery & where it is kept

Unrecorded entries – Sports Committee were not keen, which was disappointing as this is a major reason riders go unaffiliated

Controller Insurance –Controllers are insured by BE

Affiliation Agreement – It is assumed that entries money is held in a Merchant Account – JC to ask BE for clarity, what assurances we have & what happens to the interest?





5. Treasurer’s

Accounts – An invoice has been sent to BE for 169 events

PC felt there should be some increase in the Subscription. JC proposed to make no changes for this year but discuss again in 2021.
Summary – No application would be made this year to increase but will increase for 2021.

Prize Money – Itwas agreed with BE that this should be looked at earlier in the year & was intended for discussion in February RM & S meeting but Bruno was away.   He was to be asked to present proposal before the end of March, which would be discussed prior to the May RM & S meeting.
A suggestion was 1st-3rd receive prizes with larger amounts of money paid out. The committee felt we should look at two clear categories & treat grassroots differently to higher level. AC suggested this would split the sport two scales in terms of classes upper and lower. The committee discussed – straw poll in favour 1-6th

6. Sport Committee 1) Abandonment Fee – BE had asked that Organiser policy for refund of Abandonment Fee would be shown in schedules. It was stated that Organisers had not been informed by BE of this. As we have now missed to BE Life magazines, it was felt it would be best to wait until next season. After discussion BEOA proposed JC to go back to BE and ask where the grey area is as Organisers do not get the abandonment money.

2) Membership Update – Having looked at the figures the committee felt the horse figure could be lower due to difficulties encountered in being able to enter and register horse on new system.

3) Ballot Numbers A decision was taken by the RM & S Committee to only allow ballot numbers to be applied at the time of entry.   The BEOA Committee did not agree. JC to revert to Sports Committee and consult ERA

4) Double Entries – This is not possible on new system. SC agreed should be allowed – Poplar lost 25 entries as a result of current system

5) Frangible Fences – Frangible fences are causing some concern

6) Event Standards – Review of document still in pipeline

7) Unregulated Events – BE are to use the term unregulated events to describe unaffiliatedevents in the future. The committee felt this would not become a commonly used description & would therefore be of little value.

8) Rider Working Groups – Post Event Survey to be sent out to competitors after every event

9) Class Renaming – A proposal from the Rider Working Groups.Much debate about this – should it be based on height of show jumping? Committee appreciated time and effort which had gone into this and approved of the thought process but not tuned!

7 Fixtures


Application for BE90 3- day Those who expressed interest noted 24th February pack came out and had to be returned by Friday 13th March – This was felt to not be enough time for 2021
8. Medical After discussion about the impact of the proposals from the BE Chief Medical Officer, it was felt that a meeting with this new Medical Officer would be appropriate, in order to put across the views of Organisers. Pressure would also be put on BE re Moulage as to the effect of annual training – it was pointed out the course at Bicton is not certified.
ERA to be advised about what impact this will have on the sport.
BD & BS to be asked for their opinion   AC to get BD opinion as due to attend meetings
9 AGM and Other Meetings AGM booked at Badminton – 7th May Voltaire has kindly offered their Lakeside Marquee HTSG have offered accommodation for the committee meeting prior to the AGM.
Open Meetings – These have been well attended in the past, so it was agreed to repeat at Bramham & Blenheim.  JC to ask Organisers if this would be possible
10. AOB- New Chair JC is due to step down as Chair this year. BEOA Constitution states the Chairman is elected by the Committee for a three year term of office. It was proposed to send out to the committee expressions of interest, then produce a nomination list organise voting and proxy voting
11. EARS The afternoon was spent discussing the deep dissatisfaction with the new EARS system which had been released at the start of this season.
Please see the communication sent to Organisers 3rd April 2020

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