ZOOM  1.30 P.M.

Present Jan Cottam – Chair   Simon Bates, Andrew Chadwick, Pete Collins, Nicky Helyer, Jo Very, Jenny Meiklejohn, Nell Stourton, Rachel Cory, Rachel Faulkner, Laura de Wesselow, Diana Bown, Hannah Matthews,  Heidi Davies, Josie Brettell, Sarah Taylor, Karen Bartlett,  Charlie Sayer( representing David Sayer)
1. Apologies Tina Ure
2. Previous Minutes Minutes approved for 7th May 2020
3. Matters Arising There were no matters arising
4. Chairman’s Report Chair advised that some matters raised in the Chairman’s Report would arise later in the meeting

Four rider surveys came out in the same week.  Tri- Star Eventing, ERA, British Eventing & Burgham,.  It was asked if we would see the results from the BE survey  JM – Tri star had over 900 replies with interesting responses

JC – advised that William Buck had asked if chairs of 3 stakeholders would send letter to Board – of no confidence in chair and asking for removal of chair- JC felt timing not right and we are representing all Organisers   JC advised concerns still being voiced by Organisers.

has been invited next week, to a face to face meeting with other stakeholders and Fiona O’Har.   JC to take Tina Ure.  Discuss finances and EARS amongst other topics.
Also attending Malcom Walton ( Chair BEF) plus to include members of the board.  In addition to two organisers, there will be 2 representatives from ERA & EHOA. JC wants to talk about future – and would like input from Committee – LdeW  Communications would achieve more if delivered in “bite sized chunks” but should cover end of this season- safe running – IT system –  and preserving finances for BE.
JC asked for Committee to come back with points.  SB – imperative they get the IT system working. RF – felt that training should be a consideratio

JC – raised concerns about finances if funding withdrawn – this was highlighted by the news about Australian Eventing going into administration.

Brains of Eventing – it was asked when would we get an update – brief has been extended to look at current concerns.

5. Treasurer’s Report Accounts – KB  advised there had been no change – Only cost £90 for Zoom meetings

Entry Fees for 2021 –   Sport Committee meeting in approx. one month’s time will discuss entry fees. Organisers want to keep them the same –

Rule Book should also remain the same

6. Resumption of Eventing


There have been four surveys sent out to investigate appetite to compete.  ERA – response good.   BE – survey not as good with regard to the questions and their relevance.  Overall response up to Novice level was good.  JV asked if we could see the results from the BE survey.
It was felt there needs to be more communication from BE to members and organisers about Resumption of Sport.

Prize Money 
- Due to the increased costs which organisers will incur running under Covid –  guidelines it has  been suggested there is no prize money.  To avoid unnecessary contact no prize giving – no rosettes and no prizes in kind.  This would need to be explained to riders as a way of giving something back to Organisers due to the time and trouble they have undergone to run an event.  PC  commented if we were to do this we needed one strategy and LdeW  proposed that competitors must have specific details.
JC asked  the attendees when prize money, prizes in kind or rosettes are not awarded, do we keep to the original entry fee to be charged for the season.  A poll was taken of those attending the meeting with 14 for and 1 abstainer.
It was agreed to put this out to all Organisers.  There was no conclusive response, so JC will suggest to BE that Organisers must be allowed to make their own choice but must publicise this in their schedule.

Health & Safety  JC – advised there was a meeting today so we have no update.  Each organiser will need to get advice from their own H & S consultant re “Off Field of Play”.  RF asked if BE would update their risk assessment regarding field of play.
BE’s Chief Medical Adviser has stated that Doctor- Paramedic and Technician would need additional PPE which costs £50 per individual – only charged if used.
PC is looking to temperature test people on arrival at event and masks to be worn.

Fixture List – JC 
updated committee that there was a delay to the list being released and it was not going to be out until the end of the week.

Spectator Limit to Events- As owners are part of the Membership they are not considered as Spectators.

Dressage Tests- it has been proposed to make the tests shorter (Covid Tests) to speed up the through put – however unless running two show jumping arenas all this would do would be to cause a log jam at show jumping.  There is still the query about writers.  All Organisers canvassed.  A large majority wanted to leave things as they are.

7. EARS & Website Schedules  are set up and will need updating. Samantha Ruck (BE HQ) helped with updating schedules in the past – no longer in post. Schedules should not be left until last minute.  Una at BE HQ has experience of schedules.
8. Insurance The question was again raised – are we tied to current insurance policy until 2021 and it was confirmed by JC we are.  Guy Prest (KBIS) has told the board meeting BE could get out of current insurance – RC questioned if there was a break clause?

Insurance for the future - An alternative refund policy should be found.
RF suggested wet weather – general abandonment insurance.
DS – in a test case court will look unfavourably on ambiguous inclusion zones.  SB stated that it is our insurance
JC  to revert back to BE about insurance policy

9 Date of Next Meeting Date of next meeting was proposed as  7th July 2020 and would more than likely be a further zoom meeting due to ongoing travel restrictions.
10 AOB


ST  had  received no reply or acknowledgement  of her letter to BE concerning EARS and the problems which had arisen at her event and felt that at least some acknowledgement from BE should be made.
  There being no further business the meeting closed at 4.50 p.m

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