10th July 2018

London Canal Museum

PRESENT Livy Agnew, Simon Bates, Josie Brettell, Andrew Chadwick, Jan Cottam, David Sayer, Nell Stourton, Tina Ure, Laura de Wesselow
1. APOLOGIES Shelly Bacon, Karen Bartlett, Diana Brown, Pete Collins, Rachel Faulkner, Heidi Davies, Kim Knightly, Hannah Matthews, Sarah Taylor, Sharon Norrish, Jo Verey, Helen West
3. MATTERS ARISING Health & Safety – AC had prepared a job description for the H&S Officer. Has asked BE for clarification on where a H&S officers role starts and finishes with reference to the TA and BE Stewards role. JC to take to Sports CommitteeRay Hipkins is off sick. JC to ask who is filling his role.

GPDR:  Two versions – Wendy McGowen’s long version and JC’s shortened one were sent out to Organisers.

A GDPR statement for Entries Secretaries written by Sue Thompson has been shared with Organisers. Agreed that it was a good document but data encryption on hard drive was a level above what is needed and was up to individuals.

BE80:   AC reported that the Sport Committee felt the removal of the (t) would cause issues with the cost and therefore the viability of the class.

BE Support: Fragmented support from BE still evident.

JC asked if everyone could supply some photos from their event for the page – so far very few have been received.

to ask sports committee about the grey area between H&S/BE Steward and TA.

JC to find out who is filling Ray Hipkins role.

All send photos for website.

4. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT EGM: Concern over rumoured EGM. The Committee do not currently support the EGM.  This feeling is shared with EHOA and ERA.JC sent email highlighting concerns to David Holmes. BE have become more proactive with conference calls with the BEOA ITTP group plus calls & meetings with the Chairs of  EHOA, ERA and BEOA.
During a discussion with DH & Paul Hodgson, a feeling of general unhappiness, worries about finances and lack of transparency were discounted by PH. SB noted that these calls were useful as it means that BE cannot go to ground.

Bramham Meeting: Somewhat volatile. The intention of these meetings is for discussion & exchange of ideas between Organisers.  It was felt that if members of the BE staff wanted to meet with Organisers, this should be achieved via a separate arrangement.

Commercial and Marketing: Accounts are now out so JC has more insight to compose a strong letter to the board. Accounts indicate that the cost of this group is disproportionate to income.  TU felt the group a waste of time.
LA and TU explained that for the U18 Training programmes, if money is raised in an area, this is expected to go back into the general BE pot.

JC to write to Board

Rise in Entry Fee: Asking for 2.5% rise. AC felt this was a good balance for competitors as should be 5%.  SB noted that this should be subject to any additions to the rule book. When event standards come in costs will rise, LA.
6. SPORT COMMITTEE £12 Admin Fee: Agreed that the amount should stay the same but it should be discretionary. SB is going to create an etiquette on admin fee.Strategic Fixtures Plan: Draft Standards Document circulated to Organisers by BEOA. 50% response rate – demonstrates a willingness to engage with BE.  JC has collated responses and will put on the website.  There was a lot of talk about costs but general agreement that it was a good thing.  JC felt that there was some misunderstanding, demonstrating that it was poorly written.  JC noted that neither ERA or EHOA have been asked for their view.  AC though it was relevant to ask why riders had chosen to go unaffiliated.

AC noted that there is an interdisciplinary safety group which is building guidelines for safety requirements at events.  Eg. safe lorry parking etc.

Stabling: Generally felt that price could not be reduced. JC to share responses with BE.

Entry Fees & Prize Money: 3 events is not a good enough sample on which to base such an important decision. SB stated that a formula cannot be built on figures from this year alone. JC felt it a good idea but has major issues with the figures. BE have stated that 85% of costs are fixed. SB says this is not the case, possibly just the affiliation fee and rent but even these differ.  SB suggested that an increase in the maximum start fee may be a better way of increasing revenue. AC says this is an issue if people do not turn up or event abandoned.  Start Fee to be discussed at next meeting.

FCFS: TU – Ballot information is inaccurate. These is a general support for balloting and it is felt that with the current EARS issues we do not want to be adding this into the mix.

Timetable: Early timetable publication should be encouraged.

QR Codes: Organisers will no longer get passes but have QR codes which will only work if you have a QR reader.

Care Custody and Control Insurance: Very few people have every had to arrange transport for a horse off site. Felt this insurance policy was OTT. NS suggested that it is such a low risk BE should be asking the insurers to absorb it.


JC put standards responses on website.

JC to send Sarah Skillin’s info again.

SB produce an etiquette on admin rule documents.

JC to reporrt stabling response to BE.

Discuss Start  Fee at next meeting.

7. Working Groups  ITTP:  Project is currently under review being undertaken by Leadent. This is headed by Alastair Clifford-Jones. There was some unease as Alastair had been involved with the ITTP in its infancy. The review should be complete by the end of July. JC has been told that any new platform will be future proof and will not involve starting again.BEOA need to know the finances, be given the confidence in who is taking it forward and to be shown a clear statement of intent.

Entries Secretary Group: Made a helpful contribution to the Admin fee

ITTP Working Group to raise the above.

8. AOB Blenheim Open Meeting: Mandy Hervieu is suggesting a groundcare day. AC will chat to Mandy about holding BEOA open meeting on same day.Osberton: Stuart offered space for a meeting at Osberton. It was felt this was not needed.  JB wrote and thanked him for his offer.

Action Networking Day: JB, ST and SB are organising a day in October at Somerford. More to follow.

Organisers want to be informed if rudeness towards volunteers etc. during their event but not matters of general discipline.

AC Speak to Mandy H about Blenheim open meeting.

9. Dates of Next Meetings There will be a BEOA Open Meeting at Blenheim on Thursday 13th September 2018Committee Meetings

2nd October  London Canal Museum

20th November  Edgecote Banbury

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