Minutes from BEOA AGM 3rd May 2018

3rd May 2018

Savills Marquee Badminton Horse Trials


PRESENT Livy Agnew, Shelly Bacon, Karen Bartlett, Simon Bates, Diana Brown, Josie Brettell, Andrew Chadwick, Rachael Faulkner, Heidi Davies, Lisa Hughes, Kim Knightly, Hannah Matthews, Nell Stourton, Sarah Taylor, Sharon Norrish, Tina Ure, Helen West, Anne James, Suzanne Sharp, Sareah Weatherlake, Kirsty Fopntain-Henley, Hayley Newman, Danny Anholt, Nicky Townshend, Phil Norrish,  Polly Lochore, Patricia Biden, Jenny Roland, Bridget, Jenny Meiklejohn, Lloyd Hunt, Joanne Verney, Ann Davidson,  Rebecca Harvie, Tessa Mackenzie-Green & Bridget, Mike Yarrow, Rachael Faulkner, Lucy Cuncliffe
1. APOLOGIES Douglas and Lucinda Weymouth,  John Coupland, Karen Bartlett, Jan Cottam
2. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING BE80(T) – Training aspect now sponsored by Virbac and championships by Airowear for 2018Card Payments:  Discussed many events not able to use because of wi-fi issues only one card machine can be used per account.

Programmes:  Most events have adopted their own policy.  BE require essential information such as H&S, maps etc to be displayed at Secretary’s tent.

Entry Qualifications:  Not a significant issue for Entry Secretaries.

3. MATTERS ARISING There were no matters arisingMinutes of 2017 AGM were proposed by DB and seconded by NM

Actions:  None

4. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT NS read out JC’s Chairman’s Report :

  • Sadly Stuart Buntine will no longer sit on BEOA Committee as too busy but remains a willing participant on some working groups.
  • Sharon Norrish (Monmouthshire) has joined as BEOA Secretary
  • Shelly Bacon (Blenheim) was welcomed to Committee
  • Following AGM last year an Open meeting was held at Bramham and we finally managed to negotiate with BE a rise in entry fees to address issue of running costs
  • 80(T) has taken up much time.  A Championship and venue has been decided for this year only
  • GDPR another topic which has required a lot of work.  BE producing Organiser Guidelines and JC has created a shorter version which should have been received. At the end of the day ensure you keep your event information up to date, organised and secure.
  • BEOA Organisers Face Book Page:  Proving very successful and information being exchanged on how to find suppliers, doctors, fence numbers etc.  Please join if you haven’t already.  This group is for Organisers only
  • Communication:  We have reviewed the way we have connected with you and think the level is right.  If we can do anything better please let us know
  • Working Groups:  Information Technology Transformation Project (ITPP)  A working group has been created to keep Organisers better informed about the project

o   Paul Harris BDWP is to retire at end of 2019 season. It is therefore imperative new BE system is fully functioning and ready for 2020

o   Current timelines suggest website will go live in August with testing resuming on EARS in September

  • Entries Secretary Group:  A document has been produced at request of BE outlining the role of the Entry Secretary .  Feedback awaited from BE
  • BE Commerical & Marketing Dept:  Have produced a “Commercial Guide to Eventing at National Level”.  This can be reproduced with your event name to assist in gaining sponsorship.  BEOA have raised concerns about the amount of budget spent on this
  • Environment & Recycling:  We have been looking at ways of reducing our events’ carbon footprint – watch this space!
  • Help for Organisers: We have been discussing ways to help organisers with suggestions ranging from days concentrating on ground care, social media and now, maybe recycling.
KB not present.  Details for accounts year ending 31st December:  Income from BE Subscriptions was £2,200. Costs included £1,622 for committee room hire etc and £2,400 spent on Social Media Course for Organisers leaving balance of £2,826 on 010/01/2018. 

Actions:  JC to sign and approve

Proposed by NM, seconded by AC

8. AOB Poll for Organisers Action Days:  Everyone encouraged to vote for their choice, General Viability, Sponsorship, Marketing EtcFacebook Page:  Everyone encouraged to join

GPDR:  All organisers to take note of Wendy McGowans help list before GDPR comes into force 25th May 2019

ITTP:  BEOA group disappointed with lack of information coming forward from BE and very concerned about EARS being side lined

BE Event Payment 2019:  Committee have requested a rise in payments by 2.5% along with the widening of the Start Fee Bands to enable events to set sensible levels.  NM asked organisers for evidence of cost rises

H&S Stewards:  Chris Farr had sent an outline job description.  AC will re-write and circulate

9. General Discussion TR talked about disruption caused when BDWP amended their website for GDPR and it upset the BE system.  This happened the day before one of her events and was compounded by no-one being available to sort the situation out within the BE office. 

There was general agreement about the fragmented support from BE.


HW pointed out that BE had not followed the Fixtures Policy with regard to a new fixture very close to Bicton.  Also new International classes at Alnwick Forge were not put out to tender

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