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Joint Statement with EHOA, BEOA & ERA

Dear Organiser
In response to the recent notices from British Eventing regarding a group of their members calling for an EGM, the EHOA,  BEOA & ERA have collaborated together to publish the Joint Statement below.
Please could as many of you as possible attend either or both of these meetings?  The dates, venues & times are below
2018 has indeed been a season!
Kind Regards
Jan Cottam
Chair of BEOA

EHOA, BEOA & ERA Response to the Statement by British Eventing of the request to call an EGM

Following the recent statement issued by the Board of British Eventing on Tuesday 2nd October 2018, EHOA, BEOA & ERA of GB thought it would be helpful to release the wider opinion of our memberships on the notice expressing no confidence in the Chairman and Chief Executive.

Our associations fully understand the many concerns of British Eventing members and appreciate the level of feeling with regard to these issues. However it is of the utmost importance to protect the Sport and to continue with the deliverance of a number of vitally important projects, the continued day to day and strategic management of British Eventing and the continuation and timely completion of the BE IT project.

Those that have called the EGM, in accordance with the Articles of Association, quite clearly feel strongly enough to alert BE of these issues. We support the right of the individuals to do so and encourage the active engagement of BE members in their sport. However experience and continuity in certain areas is paramount for the Sport both with the current projects taking place and within the management at BE and at Board Level.

For any change to be executed, clear communication and transparency is vital. To date, there has been no report on strategy or proposals for the future from the group of members calling the EGM. This is an essential requirement for the wider membership in order to consider all the relevant facts, before reaching a conclusion.

The notice requisitioning the EGM leaves our associations unclear as to what resolution is being put to the EGM. Given the wide and varied opinions within the Sport, without any evidence based single directive, our associations are unable to form any considered views about the concerns expressed by those 107 signatories.

Our associations urge as many BE members as possible to attend both the EGM (to be held on Monday 22nd October 2018 at 2pm, The Loft, NAEC, Stoneleigh) and the AGM (to be held on Sunday 4th November 2018 at 12.30pm CV8 2XZ )

Chairs of BEOA, EHOA , ERA – Jan Cottam, Cathy Butler, Bruce Haskell

9th October 2018


Next BEOA Committee Meeting

This is being held on 20th November 2018 in Banbury
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BEOA ITTP WORKING GROUP  – Tina Ure, Josie Brettell, Helen West,  Nell Stourton
This group regularly speaks with BE about the progress of the ITTP

BEOA ENTRIES SECRETARY GROUP – Joise Brettell, Sarah Taylor
An opportunity for Entries Secretaries to exchange ideas & discuss any issues

“WHERE IS OUR SPORT GOING?” – Livy Agnew, Stuart Buntine, Andrew Chadwick, Laura de Wesselow
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