Bullet Points from BEOA Committee Meeting at the Royal Thames Yacht Club 31st November 2016

30th November 2016   BEOA Committee Meeting

Royal Thames Yacht Club

Bullet Points from our latest committee meeting are listed below.

  • We will be holding some Workshops around the country to help you get to grips with Social Media.  As soon as we can firm up on details, I’ll be in touch.  Please support this initiative.  I am sure you will find it very useful.
  • BE Membership has risen to over 16,000 for the first time with owner membership rising by 23.4%
  • The BEOA Committee will be meeting with BE & the IT Project Manager to discuss the progress of the IT Transformation Project and how (if at all) this will effect Organisers.  If you have any queries that you would like us to address, please get in touch.
  • Commercial & Marketing Group  Laura de Wesselow (Belsay) & Stuart Buntine (BEDE Events) will be representing Organisers on this new, innovative initiative.
  • Arena Eventing – There is a new look for Arena Eventing.  There will be 10 qualifying rounds with a championship in March
  • 2017 Season

Doctors & Vets will wear identifying armbands which are to be supplied by BE Officials.

There will be some changes to Programme requirements which will result in more flexilbity                  for Organisers .

*If you have 3 or more xc course changes, there will be a reduction in the numbers of entries       you are able to accept.

*You must have 2 Doctors & 1 Paramedic or 1 Doctor & 2 Paramedic present during the xc phase.

*These 2 rule changes have come very late in the day.  As they are safety issues, it was felt appropriate to accept their inclusion in the 2017 rule book.  If an Organiser finds these changes have an impact on their finances, they should contact their RC as they are likely to be entitled to some support from BE.

  • A reminder that, if you haven’t already done so, you may need to sign up for DATA Protection.  The link to help you is https://www.gov.uk/data-protection/the-data-protection-act .  It is very easy to do!
  • Fixtures & Regional Qualifiers – The BEOA Committee have been involved in formulating a much more robust Fixtures Process.  This will be included with your Affiliation Agreement which you should receive in the next few weeks.  If you have any concerns about fixtures, you must contact your RC & you will be able to follow how it will be dealt with.
    Also included in your Affiliation Agreement is the criteria used for allocating Regional Qualifiers & Championship classes
  • The date of the next committee meeting will be Wednesday 18th January 2017.  Please contact us if you would like us to discuss any of your concerns or experiences.

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