Bullet Points from BEOA Committee Meeting at London Canal Museum 21st March 2016

21st March 2016

BEOA Committee Meeting

Bullet Points from our latest committee meeting are listed below & will be posted on the website www.beoaorg.co.uk.

  • Details on our Open Meetings will follow.  Dates in your diaries are:-
    Badminton   5th May
    Hopetoun  17th June
    Burghley       Date to be confirmed
  • Work on the Fixtures Protocol is continuing
  • Organiser can conceal their entries prior to their event but must discuss this first with BE.
  • BE Officials – Organisers are encouraged to speak to their RC’s in the case of any concerns with BE Officials.  If Organisers feel this is not appropriate, they should speak to Chris Farr at the BE office and, as a last resort, could contact the BEOA Chairman.
    An email will be sent out to remind Organisers of this process, after their events
  • Work is being undertaken to find a template that could be used for Event Programmes that will result in savings of both time & money for Organisers.
  • Waitlist Protocol– Work continues on this matter.
    BEOA will contact Entries Secretaries for their views & ideas on Waitlists, to ensure that are all managed in the same manner.
    Organisers should ensure BE Rule 4.6. is followed.
    Riders have shown appreciation for transparent Waitlists but often do not understand the Waitlist procedure.
  • The date of the next committee meeting will be on 5th May.  Please contact us if you would like to share any concerns or experiences.

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